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Which goggles to get?

I'm wanting to get a pair of fat shark goggles and have narrowed down the selection to the BASE SD and Dominators. The question is which one to get? Any thoughts about the pro's & con's of each would be most appreciated.
For sake of full disclosure I don't own any goggles but have flown with both the base and Dominators on friends systems.

Base: Larger field of view (noticeably so), colors/contrast "washed" out a bit, a tad on the blurry side especially at the edges (if you fly with an OSD this can be problematic)

Dominators: 5 degress less field of view is noticeable at first but quickly forgotten after being on head a few minutes, very crisp image, added advantage of adding head tracking down the road if you wish.

I say opt for the Doms, price difference is well worth it, that being said i have seen rumors of a Base HD coming out sometime in the near future.

As for me, I will continue to stick my head in a box and stare at a 7" screen.....not one to give into to change quickly.


Senior Member
I do a pair of Dominators. I initially bought them with no modules. I have since added the wireless module. I may or may not add the head tracking later on. But I like that I have the option to do so.
Thanks for the feedback guys. I went with the BASE goggles in the end.It came down to the adjustable ipd option that got my vote.