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What's the point off all this?
Why do you build and fly a quad, or do anything rc?
Do any you make money with it, other then the ones who sell parts or kits?


Misfit Multirotor Monkey
Why do we watch TV? Why do we play baseball, football :black_eyed: . . . or go to the movies? :applause: Have sex without the want of children. :rolleyes: Eat unhealthy food. :eek:

...Pleasure & Entertainment... :cool:
Yea but I feel more secluded from friends and family "building" rc anything,
Not many people I know are into this hobby, and it seems like all I do is throw money at this,
Without much in return.

I don't know just thoughts here lately, I'm just wasting money and time.


Old age member
One point might be to get out and meet some friends at the field, getting a hot dog and a cup of coffee.
Many people do not fly - only getting out to have a chat and telling that the weather is to windy :)

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
Flying alone is not very rewarding for me. I rarely do it other than testing or tuning. I really enjoy flying with friends. You may want to seek out others in your area or even convert some of your friends. I had gotten out of the hobby for a few years until a friend of mine got a super cub and then it was on.


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Well... it's the only safe way to go to the park, and just stand there staring up in the air. Try doing that and not fly anything. People come to get you.


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If you are not getting enjoyment out of it, there is no point. It's a hobby and SHOULD be enjoyable for its own sake. I don't think I can add anymore than has been said already, both reasons for doing it and getting together with friends. I tend to fly by myself usually, but that is still enjoyable for me. I like the challenge of testing the boundaries and bringing it back in one piece, usually...


Senior Member
For me it's about building and tweaking, flying and pushing the envelope. It's great to see something you put together up in the air. If you don't get any enjoyment out of the hobby, then try something different.

Maybe rock crawlers or boats are more your style. Or garden gnomes.


Dedicated foam bender
There are so many aspects of this hobby that appeal to me, not the least of which is the community. Also, building, flying, tech, problem solving, design, etc.


Stuck in Sunny FL
Staff member
I'm not big into building. I'm not always the most social person, and my job more than fulfills my people encountering needs. I enjoy the solitude of flying alone. I love watching the aircraft cut through the air. I also really enjoy taking pictures and video from an aerial platform.

Most recently, I have fallen completely in love with flying FPV.

This is something I've wanted to do for years, but failed. I've thrown good money after bad in several aspects of the hobby, but I finally found something that every dollar invested, has given me ten fold of enjoyment in return.

I can also "justify" the money I spend on RC by realizing that I don't drink, I don't smoke, I fly RC.

At the end of the day I still have something to show for my money spent, even if it's broken... I haven't literally pissed away, or burned my investment (unless a lipo took a bad hit...). I always find it interesting when my friends who will have a trash can full of empty liquor bottles on Monday, say they can't understand how I can waste so much money on my hobby.

More often than not, it makes me happy. One thing I've learned by watching and listening to miserable people, is it's important to find your own happiness, because it's too easy to dwell on the things that bring you down.

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
Excellent points monkey. I also have to justify my hobby to my wife. My kids don't enjoy it so it's really a solo act for me until I'm flying with my friends. As much as I enjoy flying, it really makes it better with friends. I also like that my friends push me to get better and vice versa.

I don't smoke, rarely drink (like three times a year) and my only vice really is RC. Seems like a good clean hobby that takes a lot of skill, can expand on your skills and is great to share with others.


Builder Extraordinare
You like it or not. I hate sports and I have other interests... not just RC. Some do it because they like only one aspect. I personally see no point in multi copters. Some think its great. More power to them. Phil Barnes has a fantastic DVD set that explains how he makes his world-class wings for all types of gliders. The best part? I was told he has some autism. My local club had a winter project he helped out with including making the wings. He came out to the field one day and when in RC mode he was so totally focused you would never know. The guy is brilliant!


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Sometimes I feel like I enjoy building models more than flying them. I really enjoy the challenge of constructing something that looks good, that will fly well, that will be durable, practical, versatile and easy to repair. I really like the process of optimising - I'm pretty much always looking for a way to make my planes lighter, stronger, faster or cheaper.

Having said that, when I have a good day flying I find myself excited and energised, and at the same time very relaxed. It's wonderful therapy, and a great way to spend time with my friends who are also into the hobby.