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Wifi interference with 2.4GHz control frequencies

Hey all,

I have an entry level quadcopter that operates on a 2.4GHz control frequency. I wish to fit my wifi action camera and then fly FPV off my phone. Has anyone experienced problems with controlling their quadcopter while using a wifi camera i.e. losing control of the quad due to wifi frequency interference?



Eternal Student
It definitely can, what with the VTx "screaming in the ear" of the Rx. It really depends on how the 2 protocols work together (or against each other) though, the only way to know for sure is to test it out. You probably won't get much range out of the camera, so as long as you keep pretty low you shouldn't cause too much damage if it does drop :)
Thanks for the reply. I thought this may be the case which will change the way i use my camera. I might just start recording manually on the ground rather than use the wifi function. Was a good idea in theory to get FPV.