Would literally go nutz for an Alien frame. (READ)


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Hello everyone, my name is Cameron.
I'm 20 years old, and addicted to FPV. Here's how it all happened.

I was just watching YouTube as always, and I stumbled across a Mr Steele video in my reccomended. I used to be addicted to all things R/C when I was younger but kindof fell out of it. The video was the "GoPro Explosion" video. It blew my mind, I was like "WHAT THEY CAN GO UPSIDE DOWN?" I literally fell in love at that point even though ive never flown one before. 2 weeks later I sold my camera (addicted to cameras) and bought a used QAV-R clone from some dude an hour away on craigslist.

The first week I couldnt keep it in the air for for than 30 seconds.

The second I was ordering parts

The third I was spending entire paychecks on quad gear.

Now more than a year later here i am, still cant keep a quad in the air longer than 2 minutes. (I can normal flying and cruising, I can do powerloops and rolls, but nothing too crazy)

Heres my #1 Problem. In a simulator (QX7/Velocidrone) I can rip super gnarly, like I bet If me and Steele played KWAD i could keep up but id totally lose! But as soon as i step outside with my QAV clone (stil got it! though updated components, its the same build though, went through about 5 frames so far but cant affordd a quality on so i just go on amazon and buy a china brand clone 27661613_382688682196390_1252311624_n.jpg ) I fly like its my 1st time. Its TOTALLY down to the fact that its improperly tuned and doesnt fly even close to a simulator...

Now, Im REALLY wanting to start uploading content to YouTube this summer, and ripping all the places I can. But I need a reliable and trusty quad to take with me....

Ive always wanted a Steele Alien, I just cant afford it. (Im very bad at saving money and work 2 part time jobs, Phone bill, stuff like that) I couldnt even afford a GoPro to put on the thing, im using a Xiami Yi!

If I could get a Steele alien I would go absolutely nutz. I could never thank you enough. Heck id even shout you out in every single video if thats what it took. You can sharpie your name all over it....

I just want to fly!! ;(


I don't have an Alien, but I do have advice. Firstly, the motors are great motors. Second of all, have you ever hooked it up to a computer and used Betaflight? Third, if the PIDs are bad, it will not fly like the sim. Get back to me here or at liamlawson2005@gmail.com.

P.S. I have an Xhover R5X and it flies great. All you need to do to get a good frame is ask for quad parts for your bday/Xmas. That's how I got my setup. Oh and also you can ask for money...Well I am 12 so I guess I am pitied on or something.