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XBOX 360 Flight Simulator Plane/Heli/Car

Yea you read correctly. There are Flight Simulator on Xbox 360. Go to your market place and search RC. There are a 5 of them which all are fun. They ARE NOT the best out there like the Real Flight sims but it will work to get the fundamentals and just have fun. Most of them are 240 ms point but are Free to try.

RC-AirSim is a basic simulator. Graphics are not the greatest but is the best no thrills sim

RC Airplane Challenge is even more fun which includes Bomb Drop, Ballon Pop, and Race mode.

RC Helicopter Sim is exactly that, a sim for Heli's. So if you wanna learn the basics of Helis this is it. Crash these as many times as you want because the fun will never stop!

RC Racing 360 is a racing game for those of use who like the cars too. I have not tried this one yet but will as soon as i am done with this post.

So there you go. When the weather is bad out, don't have time to get to your flying field, or just wanna kill a few min or few hours you can do so right on your couch. But as you know as well as me, that we rather have the real thing to occupy our time. So go check these out and post your oppinons on these and spread the word. Get some more people interested in this wonderful hobby of ours.