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XL FT Explorer

Hi! Im building a FT explorer with 2m wings! It is my first time here on FT forums and my first time modifying an airplane. The reason I am doing it is because a longer wing provides more lift and more lift would let me carry more weight, FPV gear and mainly, batteries. How am I doing it? I've printed the plans and cutted almost every part normaly: the parts I modified are both wings and the wing spars. I taped the wing on the foam and drew the lines a bit longer, 23cm longer to be more precise. Im going to add a carbon fiber spar to the wing and think how to modify the wing spars included in the plans to fit the CF spar. I'll leave some pictures and will update the thread parallel to my progress. Hope you like it, bye!


Professional noob
Welcome to the forums, enjoy your stay!

Sounds like a monster project. It might just be me, but it sounds a bit like you are just building the wings 50cm longer without expanding or lengthening anything else. While this sounds interesting, I feel like you might end up with some power and stability issues, and it might be beneficial to have printed the plans at around 150% size (or whatever exact measurements +23cm comes out to). I could be wrong; there are a few tens of thousands of others on this forum that could probably give a lot better advice than me :p

However it turns out, I look forward to seeing the maiden. Good luck!