Young pilot at FF15


My first post here.

My 14 year old son just got into this hobby about 3 months ago based on the awesome FT video series. He has built 2 nutballs, an FT Flyer, and a Delta. I have also built my own Flyer, and we are building 2 more planes this weekend. You could say we are hooked.

With all this excitement and learning going on, he talked me into attending FF15. We are registered and have a hotel reserved, and looking forward to what looks like a great event.

My question is, can my son register as a pilot, with me as a spectator? Is a youth membership in AMA all that is required for him to "legally" fly? This seems like an event that very much encourages young pilots to enter the hobby, so it seems this is OK, but I want to make sure. Sorry if this has been discussed already, but my searching did not turn up an answer.

Thanks in advance for any replies, and we looking forward to meeting some of you next month.


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ABSOLUTELY!!! As long as he is AMA registered he should be able to register as a pilot at the event. Since the event is AMA sanctioned, this is why he needs both registrations. You will not regret coming.


Thanks for the reply. I already have a ticket for him as a pilot, but entered "none" for the AMA number on the registration. Will get him a membership before FF and have the number in hand when we arrive.


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Just wanted to add there were plenty of young and new pilots, even at FF2014 last year, so I suspect he'll really enjoy coming as a pilot. For that matter, why won't you also register as a pilot? If it's a matter of cost, you could just pick up a day pass, but I think you'll find it's a great festival for first timers. I was there last year as a first timer, and while I didn't fly much due to my newness, I enjoyed the few flights I had!

Also, I believe AMA membership for you son is free...


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It is free, as I got mine youth one about 4 months ago. Your story sounds a lot like mine; love flight, get dad hooked etc.


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Yup go for it. I'm pretty sure his AMA membership will also be either reduced or free because he's under 18. FTFF is an awesome place for beginners, you won't be disappointed.


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You'll be surrounded by young pilots! One of the neatest memories of last year was seeing all the higher-performance FT models tearing around above, with freshly-built Nutballs, etc., wobbling around below as youngsters tasted the air for the first time.

Trust me, you'll love it.