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FT Tiny Trainer

Designed By: Josh Bixler
Plans By: Dan Sponholz
FT Tiny Trainer Sport Wing.png

**New plans updated to the latest format**

This is still the same classic design that was originally released over 5 years ago.

Now made with the new Maker Foam the Flite Test Tiny Trainer is even better! The Tiny Trainer Mighty Mini is specifically designed to cover all the basics when it comes to RC Flight. Whether you are a beginner yourself, or if you are trying to bring a newcomer into this wonderful hobby, the Tiny Trainer will assist them in making every flight a great experience! This plane can be built and converted into 4 different designs that will guide you through every level of getting started flying.

Interactive Tiny Trainer Build Guide HERE!

Educators, group leaders, and parents looking to make a memory with a loved one can build the Tiny Trainer as a free flight (hand tossed) glider or a powered RC airplane. A little clay in the nose for balance, and your ready to toss the plane back in forth with a friend! Remove the clay and add 2 servos and you have a great 2 channel glider to learn elevator and rudder control. Swap out your glider nose for the powered nose and enter into the world of 3 channel flight. Once you are comfortable with slow lazy eights and graceful loops, remove the polyhedral wing and replace it with the included sport wing. The sport wing will teach you bank and yank skills and enter you into world of aerobatics and precision flight. Install a 3 cell battery and go from cruising to cutting up the sky with vertical lines and exhilarating speed.
The Tiny Trainer will also get you up to speed with techniques used with all FT designs. Every technique from "A Folds" to Folding wing airfoils will be used in this one build.

This airframe was developed around our Power Pack A electronics kit which is used with the Mighty Mini Series.

Speed Build Kit:
FT Tiny Trainer Speed Build Kit

Power Pack Compatibility:
Power Pack A

Maker Foam Features:
  • White color is much easier to add a simple trim scheme using stickers or pinstripes
  • Translucent allowing models to be creatively lit from within
  • Takes paint or decals extremely well
  • More durable than previous Flite Test foam products
6.8 Oz (Fully assembled; without battery)
Wingspan: 37 Inches (940mm)
Center of Gravity: 1.5-1.75 Inches (38-44mm) from leading edge of wing (Recommended)
Control Surface Throws: 16 Degrees
Expo Suggestions: 30%

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Cute plan,easy to build, However, the supplied linkage rods are installed before sealing the belly. Great, EXCEPT, very, limited access for servo mounting (how ? hot glue?) and adjust linkage(better do before starting or adjusters on the control surfaces. Other wise looking forward to finishing the plane.
Best trainer plane ever. Highly recommended. Plus what makes it even better is the amount of modifications that one can do to it :).