Sliding Battery Tray

Part Sliding Battery Tray V1.0

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The tray is designed to fit a battery inside a location that would be hard to strap in or to get back off of the Velcro. It's inspired by Golden Age planes where the weight has to be as far forward as possible. This allows you to strap the battery to the tray and then insert it into the bed and lock it in place.

Printing: I printed at 50% infill and that seems study enough.
Printing the bed: Print the former first and then glue a piece of paper or card stock to one side and trim to shape. When you slice the bed insert a pause at the layer just before it prints the overhang for the tongue of the tray and put your former in place to provide support for the overhang. I had no success using supports, they just clogged it up.

Mounting: You'll need to cut a hole in the foam board for the lock to clear. I hot glued the bed into place.

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