UMX ASK-21 Brick: What motor to use?


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I have the receiver brick from an E-flite UMX ASK-21 and want to utilize the ESC! I thought it would be a brushed ESC but it does not work to power a Champ motor. Has anyone had experience with this brick and could offer tips on how to proceed? Also looking for the amp rating of the esc. It's indoor season and I have too much depron kicking around to not scratch build!

Thank you!

ASK-21 Receiver.JPG


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Ooh! dang it, this came up last year and I couldn't find the thread. There is supposed to be a thread on RCGroups about adding a motor pod to the ASK-21. They use a brushed tail rotor motor out of a small E-flite type chopper.

Ah, found the ASK-21 thread on RCGroups and I think the info is in there somewhere but my time is shot. If you find it could you post a link to the right page? :D


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So it turns out my issue wasn't the esc on the receiver, it was my motor. It was burnt out and having just bought a new one I figured out how to connect it. I'm not positive this is how it's supposed to be hooked up but it seems to run fine. Brushed motor for the Champ: positive lead to the center connector, negative lead to the connector closest to the antenna. I'll report back if anything burns out but I'm not going to be using it much right away.