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Who Wants to Do a SMALL Favor?


Senior Member
So I would realllllly like to enable ads on Youtube so that I can get a little kickback when I show my flight videos to friends, family, you guys, etc. HOWEVER, you have to have 10 subscribers, of which I have not. So do me this favor. Go to my video below, check it out (my first video from my Bat Bone) and when you finish watching the awesomeness, subscribe to my channel by clicking the red subscribe button in the bottom left. I don't post a lot so I won't flood your feed, I promise. Pretty much everything I post is flight-related.

I promise I'm not spamming. This is the first and only time I will ask except for sharing my videos with you all.

You guys rule. Help a second year out of college 24 year old out with some petty cash.

Here's the link to my video: