Build suggestion... Quad single rotor!


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After watching some videos from with his experiments on single bladed props, I can't stop thinking about how it would work with a multi rotor. This would be a great mod to a Bat Bone V Tail (just throwing that out there). Other than the modded props, I don't think there's be any further work needed. In theory you should still get the rotational torque from the motor/prop due the counter-weight balancing out the system.

Theory explained and proven

Blade 400 with 1 bladed main and tail rotors


I'd try the mod myself, but I'm waiting on the KK2 and motors from HK (they must be on a slow boat from China :mad:).

Keep up the awesome work guys!


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It's an interesting hypothesis, but I wonder if the single blade not running into the turbulence of a second blade makes up for the power wasted swinging the counterbalance weight that provides no thrust.


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There were a few comments on one of his videos as to why we don't see single blades on helicopters. There were a few other reasons, but I think the main reason was that you lose the ability to use auto-rotation to land safely in the event of a power loss. Seeing as how most multi rotors are fixed pitch, I don't see that as an issue. I'll try to lookup those issues tonight, but now I think it's time to go maiden my Versa Wing.