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Bat Bone build


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Hi people, my first post here :)

I'm going to start building a Bat Bone tricopter and need help to decide on which engines and length of the wooden arms to use.

Thought of using DT700 motors but on the motor mounts in the kit it says that the maximum weight should be 45g :confused:

Also thought of using 35cm (14inch) wooden booms, can it work well or should I stick to those that came with the kit?

Sorry if this has already been answered in another thread but have not had time to learn the forum yet.

// Jens


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It seems like the guys have used the DT700's but I might be mistaken. I had some issues using NTM 2830's on the mounts so had to go to a direct mount to the boom. The mounts were still used as landing gear.
Longer booms will help make it more stable, or more accurately, less nimble or twitchy. Be advised that too long a boom will be more susceptible to flex, but 14 inch should be fine.
14in booms will work, but as the square wooden diode come in 24 or 36 in length.. I went with 12 in booms after breaking my. 13.7 in booms.. I noticed no difference in flight, and I can cut 2 or 3 booms and have no waisted material.


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Thanks for the help guys, greatly appreciated.
I'm lucky enough that a friend has a DT700 lying around so I can see how it fits before I order.
It looks awesome!.. did you decide on the electronics.. I just swapped to 9in props.. but I'm waiting for a new servo horn so I haven't flown mine with the larger blades yet. :(


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hi..look my note.. there is a better frame than Bat Bone...looks the same but i made some changes so the boom will lock, and the yaw is better..i am just done with mine ..

just print my pdf and you see the instruktions the length of the booms and landing stand and more :)


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All the soldering completed, or almost...
Annoying to have one connector too little



Had to cut the motor shafts and the screws for the camera mount.

Just a bit of electronics that needs to be connected...

I disconnected the BEC's from two of the ESC's by removing the red cables from the connectors

Ready for maiden flight, but without GPS.
The one I got did not work so I am waiting for a new one
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