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75" Twin Motor Cargo Plane - Build Log


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Hello all. In this thread, I will post updates and build progress on my newest RC Plane. It will be a twin motor cargo plane with a 75" wingspan, and 50" long fuselage. Here are the current specifications:
75" Wingspan
12" Wing Chord
3"x20" Ailerons
3"x12" Flaps
26" Horizontal Stabilizer Span
9" Horizontal Stabilizer Chord
3"x26" Elevator
50" Long fuselage
7"x7" Square fuselage

2 Turnigy Park 480 850Kv Brushless motors w/ 10x4.7 Propellers
2 Turnigy 40A Plush ESC
1 Turnigy 10A SBEC
1 OrangeRX 8 Channel DSMX Receiver
6 Corona Metal Geared Servos
2 Turnigy 2200mAh 40c LiPo batteries

Here are all of the drawings from my very first idea, to my current design:
IMG_20141017_231818.jpg IMG_20141017_231754 - Copy.jpg IMG_20141017_231743 - Copy.jpg IMG_20141017_231733 - Copy.jpg IMG_20141017_231640 - Copy.jpg IMG_20141017_231705 - Copy.jpg IMG_20141017_231656 - Copy.jpg IMG_20141017_231723 - Copy.jpg IMG_20141017_231603.jpg IMG_20141017_231530 - Copy.jpg

My first idea was for a 70" wing with a 13" Chord and a T-tail, but has slowly been changed to it's current design of a 75" Wing with a 12" chord and a normal tail.

Here is a video of the designs

Thanks for reading this post and be looking out for more information on this plane!


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I probably will not do any bomb drops or fpv until I get the plane flying good and I'm confident it can carry the extra weight. I may just mount a camera to record video but not fpv.


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Mock-Up built

So I have built a mockup of the plane to its full size. This one will not fly, but it is good to see how it all fits together and what I should change before continuing with the actual plane. After building this I have decided to double the foam on the vertical and horizontal stabilizers and change the way the motor pods are mounted.
IMG_20140923_200522.jpg IMG_20140921_142608.jpg IMG_20140923_082219.jpg