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  1. N

    Mavic Pro shipping delays

    I pre-ordered the DJI Mavic Pro towards the end of October. Unfortunately DJI has had massive shipping delays due to the unforeseen overwhelming demand for the Mavic Pro. Needless to say, I've yet to receive mine. Has anyone received their's yet? If so, about when did you order it? (I've been...
  2. Andre

    DJI Phantom 4 - My Experience

    Well I took the plunge. After months of debate and discussion. I purchased a DJI Phantom 4. Initially I had been searching for a nice deal on a P3 Advanced but that never materialized. The price difference between the P3 Pro and P4 is small enough that I decided to just get the 4. I was...
  3. BOT Bob

    Its not a DJI Phantom i Promise XDXD

    i took my miniquad to the park for the first time today and had some fun flying around my friends playing basketball! here is the link to my youtube video!! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtdDJBPbTe0 -
  4. L

    DJI S900

    Hey guys, I have for sale a DJI S900, full system with an A2 flight controller, iOSD Mark II, and a gimbal for a black magic pocket cinema camera. I'm selling because I no longer have a use for it. It was flown literally four times, so it is still in almost brand new condition. There is...
  5. M

    [HELP ME] Dji Naza m lite motor problem

    I've got a quad copter built with Dji naza m lite and 30 amp esc and a sky fly transmitter. When i arm the motors one of them just turns on constantly and the other three motors turn on at different times when i throttle up. Can anyone help??
  6. B

    DJI NAZA assistant not working on windows FIX!

    Hi guys I'm new to the forum and to the hobbit as well. I just got the naza m lite last week and I was having trouble getting it connected to my windows 10 computer . I looked a lot of places and called DJI and got no results so after a lot of tinkering around on my computer I finally got it...
  7. Snarls

    Selling My Quads, Going DJI

    Hey guys. Well this is big news. I have decided to sell all my quadcopters in favor of going DJI. I was flying my mini quadcopter the other day and after breaking $500 in props I asked myself 'how do I acro mode,' and I honestly could not answer the question. So I've made the decision to...
  8. Snarls

    Phantom 4 Is Here

    It's here, the DJI Phantom 4. Sporting some intelligent obstacle avoidance and a big battery, it looks quite a bit different from previous models. From what I can see there is only one version you can buy. Flight time of 28 mins, range of 5km, optical flow sensors, forward facing obstacle...
  9. D

    The New Inspire 1 Zenmuse X5 Gimbal/Camera!

  10. Snarls

    New Camera Goodies From DJI and FLIR

    Was searching the 'webs when I saw some posts from Austin and Flitetest about the new DJI Zenmuse x5 camera and gimbal. A new interchangeable lens camera with aperture, shutter speed, etc adjustments from the remote. Check it out. I wonder if you will be able to buy the camera separately (Edit...
  11. D

    The Beach - DJI Phantom 3

    Practicing my editing skills... Enjoy this video taken with my Phantom 3 on the North Carolina shore!
  12. C

    The Drone Cyclone Company "A Gift offering for ALL Flite Test Members"

    Good Hello everyone, I went to the Flite Fest 2015 on Saturday, July 11th, 2015 in honor to the meet the Flite Test crew and it's awesome viewers. While I was there, I was handing out to many a FliteFest coupon for The Drone Cyclone Company an rc company based out of Doral, FL just outside of...
  13. M

    Electronic power distribution board on DJI motor set

    Dear Flitetest forum I am currently building a scratch built quad copter. I Bought the E310 motor set from DJI (http://store.dji.com/product/e310-4) and saw in the package that there is a small power distribution board. Now I've read in the manual to solder the Wires direct on the board But...
  14. S

    'new' DJI F550 replacement parts

    TL;DR Need to replace a DJI 2212/920Kv motor (and get an extra 1 or 2) as well as get replacement and extra DJI 1038 or 10 x 3.8 props preferably both from a US distributor that has a good reputation ( a few seem to have Customer support issues).the Tx i got with it (a Spektrum Dx8) has a few...
  15. G

    Help guys! I need some tips for building a multi rotor!

    Hello guys! I am a beginner and I am looking to build my first ever multi rotor. I am going to use this multi rotor mostly for aerial cinematography/ photography with a GoPro Hero 3. These are the parts I have picked. I just need some suggestions/ tips before I go buy all these and put them...
  16. S

    Phantom 3 Professional 1080p in Panama

    Video filmed in Las Lajas Beach in Panama, during a cloudy day https://youtu.be/DH6GK3hx9iQ
  17. K

    Multi Rotor flipping over in manual mode

    I recently fixed my flame wheel 550 and decided to go back to start and try to do thing right, like learning to fly in manual mode and just practice hovering. So here's what I'm running into, in GPS mode I can't the thing off of the ground pretty easy, but I do have a little bit of drift when...
  18. J

    DJI E300 ESC issue setting up F550 w/ CC3D

    I'm setting up my F550 using a CC3D board and when I go to the motor calibration part of the set up when I plug the battery in I immediately get the "abnormal signal" beeping. Using a DX8 with the regular receiver. I haven't been able to figure out what could be causing it I also posted on the...
  19. D

    Dji Inspire Maiden Flight!

  20. B

    Which Quadcopter for a Newbie?

    Hey, I'm new to quadcopter and all and was hoping for some help. I've been looking around for a while and can't seem to find a good answer. What quad should I buy? I have saved up about $600. I am completely new to rc flying and have no experience. At first I was thinking about getting the...