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Bixler 2 Set-up for a newbie

Hey guys first time post here :cool:

So a while back I got myself a bonsai wing from HK and put it together and needless to say I crashed that bad boy straight into the ground.

Obviously I had never flown before and got myself something cool looking and fast! :eek: #FAIL

Now I have got myself a Bixler 2 from HK and I wanted to know about setting up throws and all the controls surfaces.
I have the Spektrum DX7s and a AR400 receiver.

I want to set it up with mega throws so when I have confidence I can turn off dual rates and expos to have some fun =]

Also I couldn't get the AR400 failsafe set up and the PDF on the SpektreumRC webpage confused me a bit :confused:

Cheers for any help guys
I don't have an AR400 myself but all my other Spektrum RXes handle failsafe like this - you set your Transmitter (TX) to the desired stick positions that you want your failsafe to be, then you go through he bind process with your receiver (RX). So if your transmitter had throttle at 30% when you bound to the RX, it will go back to throttle at 30% if it looses signal, you can test this by seeing what it does when you switch off your TX while having the model powered up. DO THIS WITHOUT A PROP ON!
OK cool so it's an automatic fail safe as long as I have the throttle at 0% when I bind or re-bind it sets the fail safe?

I'll give it a try after I have built my Bixler 2 sometime this week when-ever it arrives and post results and pictures. (providing HK are reliable on postage)

I can't seem to find much info on the AR400 online really, stuff like range tests and how far it will actually go before loss of range. I only really want it as a park flyer to start with then upgrade the receiver later.

Does anyone have any info on the dual rates and expo settings for this plane?
If you're just getting into the hobby I would suggest being cautious of dual rates; too easy to get tempted to hit the switch, or worse hitting it accidentally. On top of that you don't really need them on a trainer like this....it has a small flight envelope and one set of rates is sufficient.

But obviously, this is only my opinion.

Out of the box I limited my elevator and aileron throws to 80% in my radio. Left rudder at its max. I ended up opening up ailerons to 100% and the elevator to 90% after four or five flying days. I don't have any measurements handy though, sorry.
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Cheers OttoPilot that's good that its a reliable flyer out of the box and your opinion is more than welcome ;)

I'll keep your measurements on some paper and make a comparison of collected data and go for the average figure and I guess I can adjust from there on the Tx :p

What about expos tho? I don't know how its going to react or how sensitive they will be so whats a good start figure here?

I just want to be safe and protect my investment haha :D
I started off with 30% expo on my first couple flights and found it a little too 'numb'. Currently flying with 20%.

When I get home from work I'll break out a ruler and see if I can get actual deflection measurements for you.
Sorry, just now getting around to checking.

25% expo.

Ailerons are 0.625" throws, limited to 85% in the radio.
Elevator is 0.5" throw, limited to 90% in the radio.
Rudder is 0.5" throw, 100% in the radio.

This setup will easily loop/roll/fly inverted, so you might want to tone it down a bit.

You might want to work in a little elevator/throttle mix too (a little up elevator as throttle increases) due to the pitching moment induced by the motor. I just don't personally have one setup.
Thank you again Ottopilot your help has be too kin

I'll convert them to metric ;) Gets confusing chatting to Americans and really old British people as you guys still use the Imperial systems haha :p

I've built it all up now and dialed my DX7s in at 35% expo to start and used the servo travel function on it to limit the throws for now :)

It was a rather nice build to be honest but what I didn't like was the fact that there was no decals of water transfers on the underside of the plane so I went nuts with some graffiti stickers I have here :D
I wasn't happy with the standard linkages for the servos to flaps/ailerons,rudder and elevator so I tried fuel line but as a little to hard to get on.

I then switched too red heat shrink for added SWAG and Security :cool:

IMG_0613 (Medium).JPG
IMG_0614 (Medium).JPG
IMG_0615 (Medium).JPG
IMG_0616 (Medium).JPG
IMG_0617 (Medium).JPG
I'll post some first time pics of the flight and other bits like my settings on my DX7s screen for peeps to see and give some feed back on how it flew for a 1st timer :D

I will also get out a protractor and make some throw gauge looking thing and see how that goes maybe? I saw one on hobbyking and look mega easy to make!
Looks good, best wishes on a successful first flight!

Yeah, sorry about the 'English' units.

I've never found the need for a protractor-like throw gauge...most models give recommendations in inches or degrees. I usually just hold the model steady, put a ruler up to the control surface edge, deflect it with the radio, and take a measurement.

Also a note: those throws are measured in one direction...so rudder throw to one side is 0.5 inches...total throw is 2x that (so 1.0 inches).
Nice pics buddy =]

Cheers again Ottopilot.

I was wondering when I put the steel rule against them that 0.5 inch in total throw was low haha :p The ruler is definitely the better option here and making that gauge seems to much hassle for the sack of everyone having a ruler world wide!

I'm currently on nights now but fingers crossed that British weather is better than has been and I can fly :D

So more pics of goodies I got of the HK website came today too ;)

So I bought 2 battery alarms and I prefer the LCD? display one and I can set my own voltage to alarm at not just 3.3v like on the cheaper unit. And the housing seems well built too.
IMG_0619 (Medium).JPG
IMG_0620 (Medium).JPG

I set the low voltage alarm to 3.50v
IMG_0630 (Medium).JPG

I also got a nice battery balance and checker, along with a prop balance too :p
IMG_0630 (Medium).JPG
IMG_0633 (Medium).JPG
IMG_0640 (Medium).JPG

Any tips on balancing props Ottopilot?

So I did my maiden flight today and I didn't crash.

It was a very short flight and as always the wind is on the microphone :/ My girlfriend filmed on here Samsung galaxy S4

It was a mega windy day and I shouldn't have flown really but couldn't wait haha :p
What do you guys think???