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Vought OS2U Kingfisher by FoamyDM

Plane Vought OS2U Kingfisher by FoamyDM 1.0

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This Gentle Maneuverable Easy to fly float plane ended up being a quiet workhorse of the fleet for the US and other NAVY. The History of this plane is Terribly interesting and served a number of niche roles. Mainly as a the Battleship Plane of choice. Yes, Battleship!

The most captivating is the takeoffs and landings. This plane had to get to 80mph airspeed in ~80ft. and as the battleship has only storage space, landings were achieve to special battleship movements and a recovery sled.
IMG_20170804_132941961.jpg 1579726132600.png 1579726106815.png 4562 OS2U.jpg

Now you can build this versatile plane to get the mail, give your friends some AA target practice, and spy your enemies whereabouts. Just like the real pane! This plane uses many of the advanced master series techniques to get the rolled fuse, and floats.

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  • Length: 27.5 in (68 cm)
  • Wingspan: 30" (70 cm)
  • Height: 12 in (32 cm)
  • Wing area: 190 in² (12,258 cm²)
  • Base weight: 7 oz. (200g)
  • Est. AUW: 9.17 oz. (260g)
  • Motor: 2822/09, 900kv (34g)
  • Battery: 1500 mAh 3S, 11.1V (80g)
  • Propeller: 8x4.7 (5g)
  • ESC: 30A (12g)
  • Servos: - 4-6 9g (36-54g)
Build Information
Build Log. This resource was inspired by the FTFC20 Classic to Modern Design build Challenge

and was moved along mightily by the FTFC20 - Classic to modern challenge with these plans:

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