1. W

    DaVinci Glider Inspired Scratch Build--Wood AND Foam

    So here's my first concept-to-flight continuous post: It all started when my friend Dylan heard that I scratch build airplanes. He immediately suggested that I build a DaVinci-Style aircraft. He had the whirlycopter thing in mind I think, but I was inspired by the DaVinci Glider (plus I...
  2. BSquared18

    Recommended Dihedral for "Flyer"?

    Hi, after my maiden flight of the Flite-Test "Flyer" I built, someone looking at the video suggested that I might need more dihedral. Right now, it's at about nine or ten degrees. The commenter suggested 15 degrees. I arrived at the current angle by following the suggestions in the Flite-Test...
  3. BSquared18

    Flite-Test "Flyer" Maiden Flight and Discussion

    Hi, I recently had my first flights with a Flyer I built. In case you're interested: The YouTube Video is at: Maiden Flight of a Customized Flite-Test "Flyer" RC Airplane. The flights themselves begin at 4 min. 30 seconds. The rest is introductory stuff intended mainly for hobbyists such as...
  4. W

    Naze 32 cleanflight for ft flyer/nutball/delta

    I have a Naze32 lying around from a quad build, and I built an ft flyer, Cleanflight seems to want me to have ailerons, but I obviously dont, Help?
  5. U

    UK Foamboard FT Flyer Evolution.

    Hi Again Still loving the FT Flyer however...... With UK Foamboard, mine are gradually evolving from the light, indoor, floaty planes shown in the Original FT video, to heavier, more powerful planes. Certainly not indoor flyers any more. Number 10 is almost completed......It starts here...
  6. S

    FT Flyer/Delta electronics good enough for the Old Speedster?

    Hey guys, A short question: Are the FT Flyer/Delta electronics good enough for the Old Speedster? Will it fly well if I use those? My Flyer and Delta both fly fine. Here is a short list: -18 Amp ESC -Turnigy Park300 Brushless Outrunner 1380kv -8x4,5 prop It should do the job right? I mean...
  7. B

    swappable hovercraft

    Hi everyone, new to this forum as well as the diy aspect of the hobby. built my first plane not to long ago. It was the FT flyer. Super easy to build and fly even for a first time flyer. We live on a very tight budget so just coming up with enough money for the one model was tough so i...
  8. K

    Power settings for FT Flyer

    Hello everybody, I have built my first plane ( i have never flew one) and I am new to the electronics. I wanted to know what kind of flying characteristic should I expect with this power set up, and what kind of throws or expo should I set on my turnigy 9x? Or I do not set anything and it will...
  9. electricRC

    Swappable Power And The Flyer

    So I have built a Flyer already, have another sheet of foam board laying around thinking of building scaled down Fogey or Speedster, or Delta Wing this week end. I am trying to plan out power package and am running into difficulties choosing a motor. All set ups would use Plush 12A speed...
  10. electricRC

    Flyer 370

    I just built the FT Flyer last night (went really well for first scratch build although time consuming) and now I'm figuring out the electronics/power package. I do plan to eventually build the Cruiser and warbirds when my skill level of flying is to that level. The FT crew recommends roughly a...
  11. M

    Ft Flyer Flaps Experiment

    I created an article and would like some feedback before it is published. Hello, this is my first article and I wanted to do it on something I recently completed (5 minutes ago) and also to contribute to the great volume of articles on this great site. Anyway my landings with the FT Flyer have...
  12. Maingear

    FT Flyer with Ailerons Solves CG Issue

    My Flyer was tail heavy so I added a micro servo, two rods, corndog stick ends (control horns) and cut some foam..... WOW! Completely different flight characteristics! It's doesn't bobble around in a light breeze, rock solid entry and exits out of turns. Ailerons should be part of the basic...
  13. M

    Small versions

    Hi FT addicts! :D I saw a small, dark-grey version of a FT Flyer in one of the official videos, but can't find which one was it :( but I fall in love with that mini-flyer. Now, everytime I go for a walk with the dog, there is a place next to my home with only some lampposts and no traffic...
  14. Fygar

    Plywood FT Flyer

    Anyone every try to build and FT Flyer out of plywood? No not really. I did make templates for an FT Flyer though. A much cheaper alternative to springing for your own laser cutter. This makes building another very fast because you only have to print and tile together the plans once. If...
  15. S

    Tiled Plans not lining up

    Hi everyone Bought myself some foam today for my first build. Downloaded and printed the FT Flyer tiled plans but i cannot get all the parts to line up. Anybody else had this issue? anybody have a solution?
  16. ResidualBacon

    Warped Foam Fix?

    The trailing edges of both my FT Flyer (elevators) and my FT Delta (elevons) have become too warped to fly. The servos can't move the control surfaces enough anymore. The FT Delta had a coat of Minwax on it but maybe I didn't do it well enough? Both have been flown on dewy, wet mornings. Is...
  17. Montiey

    Next step up from the Champ

    Soo.. my HZ Champ is dead *sniff*.. Just how different is the FT Flyer? Im waiting on the electronics to get here from hobby kings EU warehouse- DON'T ORDER FROM THERE IF U R IN THE U.S. Stuff takes months to arrive. I'll be using a 1300kv motor on a 3 cell lipo. Anyone knows how this setup...
  18. T

    FT "Night" Flyer

    I had so many flashcopters I took a few apart and hot glued the LEDs to my FT Flyer. It was WAY brighter than I expected.
  19. T

    FT Flyer Unpredictable Nose Dives??

    Hey guys, I'm relatively new to RC and I've had quit a few experiences with planes crashing. However, I've never had a problem like this one. My friend and I build him a FT Flyer. Looks great and construction seems to be very sound.(will post pics if needed.) However we popped the electronics in...