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flying wing

  1. S

    Looking for an FPV ship - and eventually long range FPV

    I'd like to get into FPV fixed wing. I've flown LOS planes-a-plenty and FPV multicopters for a little while but I'd really like to get something FPV that can be up in the air for more than 5 minutes at a time. I've been looking into either a delta flying wing or something purpose built like the...
  2. P

    New Aproach in Flying Wing

    Sorry for bad English Hi `m designing a wing whit kinda NACA 60212 and elliptical leading edge to make a flying wing, it will have a APM board and almost 1.80m wing span ( 90cm each side central cord within 20cm). I would like to make a wing for FPV somewhat slow flight , I´m not sure if 15...
  3. M

    Building an FPV Wing. Need advice and help.

    Hello, everyone! I'll cut straight to the chase... so, I'm building a flying wing type craft that is 4ft (1.2m) of wingspan, with the intent of FPV flying. Estimated all-up weight is about 900-1000 grams (around 2 lbs). Now, what my main question is... where do I start to look for making the...
  4. sierra_bravo

    pusher prop help.

    Hello, I am going to build a ft versa wing as a pusher but i have a question about my motor and prop. I am going to using a turnigy D2826-10 which is 1400kv motor and I am going to use a 3 cell battery. My prop is a 7x5. My question is if it will be able to have enough power to fly. Thank you in...
  5. R

    FPV flying wing plans

    Anyone know of a good FPV flying wing plans? I want something I can strap to the back of a backpack. So I guess nothing more then a 48" span.
  6. S

    Introducing, the TubeWing! FT Shipped me push rods in a cardboard tube and.......

    So I am fairly new to the hobby but have a ton of fun building these foam planes. I ordered some push rods and other items from FT for my next build and they showed up in a cardboard tube with a 2" ID. As soon as I saw it I couldn't help but want to make it fly. So here's what happened...
  7. andycho

    FT-Blunt Nose Wing modify maiden fly*- Flight log Day6

    Because of flying field is far away .. so I can fly only at weekend,not every weekend. so there is only day 6.. Still learning.. I cut the video.. for log record the way of my RC trip, hope you like it :)
  8. andycho

    After 30+times crash I fly an other 39 times, I feel I can touch the sky now!!

    Thanks for guys' advice and encourage.. This help me a lot, and I also record my last fly time. I fly the FT-Versa Wing last saturday from 7:00 AM to 8:30 AM in the morning. I can feel the improvement of my flying skill. a little, but fun! so happy~ I feel I can touch the sky now. keep up :)...
  9. M

    Flying wing tips needed

    My friend and i are going to design and build our own wing using the swappable concept just to burn some time during summer. We both have basic knowledge and experience with rc flying but we just need a few tips about things that are likely to go wrong and how to fix them. Any tips you can share...
  10. andycho

    Build progress of making FT-Blunt Nose Versa

    It is my first build of RC plane. It is FT-Blunt Nose Versa. I record build progress by GoPro Hero 3+ time-lapse mode. But because of I'm new, I can't fly it well, after a while I will post my test fly video. hope someone can point what I am wrong.
  11. R

    Sharpening my FliteTest Blunt Nose Versa Wing

    This is my FliteTest Blunt Nose Versa Wing during the first week of flying and shaking it down. I had a perfect maiden flight day. It took off an flew absolutely perfectly with no trimming required whatsoever. The beginning of this video pokes fun at how my overconfidence and carelessness led...
  12. G

    Electrics for FPV49 Build

    I am looking to put all this togetehr but have some questions I hope I can get some help with. http://flitetest.com/articles/fpv49-build So I have the following: 35 -36 1400kv motor, HK-70A ESC, Turnigy UBEC -5A and some Ferrite Rings all from the list in the article I dont have the...
  13. RedTwenty

    When CG measurements go wrong...

    I thought I would put this video in here as a lesson to all of us to check (and then double check) the CG measurement when designing a new model. This is my 1360mm modified Versa Wing FPV platform and this was supposed to be the triumphant maiden flight. At the time it was carrying a FatShark...
  14. G

    Kraken Build

    I am building the Kraken, I have sized up the FT Versa Wing to 180% instead of a hundred. I need tips for assembly and (if possible) someone to tell me how many foam boards to buy. Tips that I need: All the holes like for the servos need to be changed to, what? The foam spar? Does it need...
  15. N

    Flying wing as a beginner plane?

    Flying wing as a beginner plane? (Now a build log) Hi there! I was wondering if a flying wing, such as the Versa Wing, would make a suitable first plane for a fixed wing newbie? The reason I ask is because it is easier and cheaper for me to get hold of 50mm sheets of EPS than it is to get...
  16. F

    Tuff Wing or Parkjet 2?

    This will be my first flying wing. I plan on buying a turnigy 9x transmitter but I am still not sure will plane to buy. The tuff wing is more expensive, but is it a more versatile airplane? Please help me.
  17. jamesomega

    How about a 4 Channel Flying Wing?

    Duckerons? Decelerons? Split Elevons? Not sure what they're called. This is a 48" EPS hot wire cutout thoroughly taped and sparred. I was able to fit two DOW board/XPS elevons on each wing and used 2 low resolution (200 steps, ugh) turnigy v-tail mixers and two mixes in my Aurora 9 (a DX6 would...
  18. Tightknot

    Slope soaring flying wing or Discus launch flying wing.

    I suspect that you can take your new flying wing design and build it without a motor. To get the center of gravity right and to get some penetration you could keep the larger battery needed for the motor, and even the speed control in order to power your reciever and servos. Perhaps a swappable...
  19. P

    Any good EPP flying wing plans?

    Hello RC addicts! I was looking around and trying to find any flying wings that I could build. I have a bunch of EPP and carbon fiber, so thats not the problem- however it would be nice to have a "beginner-ish" flying wing that i could chuck around. Any help would be much appreciated, Happy...