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Flying wing

Hey mad builders! Well, had a buddy of mine give me a Long EZ kit he had started. As the fuselage he started (and I didn't notice before sheathing the bottom) was way out of wack and what was left to do is not my cup of tea, I decided to make a flying wing with the foam cores and balsa from the kit.

I'm going after a Drak/Versa style setup with the blunt nose fuselage. I have used the CG calculator on-line but had a question. Since the wing is not a continuous sweep (see photo) would the CG have to be moved forward or backward to compensate? I continued the front point through the fuselage for the root cord measurement. I planned on and knew the fuselage would extend forward of the wing, but it's way out there even with a 4ah battery. The stack of materials, battery, rx is what will be used to finish the fuse

I'm using a Turnigy D3542 1450kv motor I had from an old EA Synapse. I'm thinking I'll need at least that for the weight/size of the plane. I could cut the length of the wings a bit but don't think that would change much and it looks pretty cool as is. Don't want to have to add weight if I can help it. Any input is appreciated, thanks.



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I like the efficient looking shape of your wings and the lengthened nose should longitudinal stability. As a fan of flying wings, I'll be interested in this one.


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Looks AWESOME! Can't wait to see the finished product to be honest! Keep up the great work guys!

Flying Wing update

Thanks for the input guys, and HEY Stephan, huge fan, keep the laughs comin!!! Here's another, better picture of the shape. I went ahead and used the extended CoG calculator and plugged numbers for the fuselage, as well as correct the root cord and sweep numbers. I had measured to the back of the wing for the sweep the first time. I used the imaginary leading point of the middle sweep where the two pieces of tape are sticking out. The first time I used the very front wing edge but that surface is so small I figured it wasn't creating much more additional lift. IMG_0146.PNG


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Yep. That looks about right to me. You will need to add reflex to the elevons. Basically, to fly flat and level the wing will need some amount of up elevator. This is because there is no horizontal stabilizer to counter the downward pitching moment of the airfoil.
Maiden finally

Finally got her up in the air. Had (and still have a bit) of a cg issue. Added some lead in the tail but may have to add a fixed canard to help with some lift up front. Flies very stable, even with lots of up trim and back stick pressure.


Here’s a link to my YouTube channel and video of the flight. Will add some more photos and the video here as well.
33D54B35-2AA2-4224-94D9-84FFA905D21E.jpeg 28EFE5D2-C9E8-4462-BFB0-3B33E76A92DF.jpeg 36ED152A-0934-437A-A792-F750067B4B75.jpeg 605F3670-D5D7-48A4-8ACE-27BC519CD916.jpeg A3D7D10A-7A2E-40F9-A141-C6961C7931E2.jpeg

Using a Turnigy Aerodrive 3524/1450 KV motor with a HK 60 amp esc, two 12g metal gear servos run on a 2600mah battery.