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flying wing

  1. M

    FPV compilation

    Hi guys if you love FPV as much as I do check this one out and make sure you post your great videos too.
  2. marzvt

    TEKSUMO / Pop Wing FPV 3.0 Finally Got it Perfect! 2.4ghz vid

    First off I'm glad to be back! Just put an addition on my house which killed all extra curricular activities for a good 8 months! To explain my goals for 3.0 I need to explain the successes and failures or 2.0 here is a pick of the retired 2.0 My goal with 2.0 was to build a fast wing with...
  3. PiperCub49

    16" "Dead Simple" Flying Wing w/ VIDEO

    Hey guys, A few days ago, I saw Chrizz's post about a flying wing and thought that it would be a fast and fun build, so I pulled out the paper, pencil, ruler, and calculator and scaled the plans down by hand. It took about four to five hours of easy building. My brother and I are still...
  4. CrackerMcGillicuddy

    Champ Wing & Other WIngs

    My old Hobbyzone Champ has had a hard life, it was my trainer so it got bashed up good. I've changed it around a few times. First I changed it to a 1930's racer - the ChampRacer: Then I made it into the ChampUAV: Now it's the ChampWing: The hardest part of the project was getting the...