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  1. H

    I have a weight problem.

    Outside the US us scratch builders have a very different foam board available. Among the differences is weight. Some have said it's as much as 30% heavier. My question is how can I compensate for the weight? I've built a Tiny Trainer and I know it will fly because if I throw it it has a lovely...
  2. Bob A

    Waterproofing the older 'white' foam board

    I thought I remembered that the hot glue does not stick to the foam board after it has been coated with Water Based Minwax Polycrylic? If so, coating the parts BEFORE assembly is out of the question and I need to assemble the aircraft first. Is this correct? Thanks, Bob
  3. R

    DIY Foamboard CNC foam cutter

    Hey Guys, I've been wanting to build a CNC for a long while. I've tried one last year, just like the one in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgbCy2tQg9Y but had a lot of problems with jagged movement. This week I decided to scavange all parts I had laying around and start a new...
  4. I


    Hi guys, I am trying to build a scale MiG-15, but I ran into a couple of problems. I need thick foam to hot wire cut the wings and tail sections. I looked everywhere but could only find 1 1/2" thick foam. I would like to use 3" or 4" thick foam, anyone know where I could find that? Thanks!
  5. R

    what are some alternatives to Adams readi board

    hey guys im sure im not the only one wanting to know about this and wont be the last but i live in Australia and cant get access to Adams board easily or cheaply and was wondering if any one knew of an alternative that could be used instead of Adams board that is just as good. cheers hope...
  6. I

    New guy from Tunisia needs help

    Hey guys. I've been hanging around here for a while and I got the FT fever. I decided to build the FT Explorer as my first build and I have a few questions. I'll be using the free downloadable plans and it would be awesome if someone helps me out with the type of foam to use and the sheets...
  7. X

    Using Elmer's foam board

    Hi everyone, I live in France and as you may know we don't have dollar tree foam in Europe so I am looking for replacements. I have looked into most forum post about it but can't realy find a definitive answer to my question. I want to scratch build a FT 3D. I have already tried building a...
  8. T


    When I entered the hobby 5 years ago at the age of 10 my first 4 planes were all made of EPP and were almost indestructible. These planes were amazing and incredibly durable but nowadays i can no longer find any reasonably priced EPP foam! Does anybody else have any idea where to get some...
  9. Rockonmyfriend

    Water Resistant FT-3D and ideas on coloring the new water resistant foam.

    I've been planning on picking up a FT-3D to be an inexpensive and durable 3D plane for me to tear up the sky with. I'm probably going to wait on buying the speed build kit until y'all offer it with the new foam so that it'll last much longer and hang on my wall proudly. I'm also wondering if...
  10. HilldaFlyer

    FT Waterproof Foam - Suggestions for Testing

    I think we are all excited about the FliteTest branded Adam's foam core that will be waterproof. We've seen a few hints of arrival and I hope it is soon. My plan is to get a few sheets and test it in several ways to see how it holds up against the Ross brand foam core. Strength - my standard...
  11. T

    Foamboard in EU (Netherlands)

    Hello everyone, i've been searching for a solution of the lack of foamboard in EU and i've been wanting a great source. I have found one but i don't have any experience with this company, if i buy some of this stuff i'll definitely post my experiences in the comments. for anyone who is...
  12. kacknor

    Testing HobbyKing Foam and glue...

    I received two boxes of HobbyKing foam board this past week. This morning I'd cleaned off my bench for a new 3D EPP kit build and I got to thinking about the new HK stuff and what glue it might use. This is in no way scientific. Or well planned, thought out, or possibly even effective. But it...
  13. G

    Came up with a great way to make cheap, light, durable wheels!

    I have built the flite test wheels, but they aren't very durable. I came up with this idea and they work really well. I use 1/2 inch blue foam board, or 1 inch on bigger planes. I use a circle cutting jig on my band saw to cut perfect circles. Then I drill a hole in the middle to accept a...
  14. P

    Adams' Readi-board to sell worldwide

    Hello guys, I contacted Adams this morning to enquire about direct shipping of Readi-board cases in Europe/France or whether they already had local retailers. Well, first, they replied really fast, like under the 30min bar, and they told me they were working on selling worldwide through Amazon...
  15. M

    Building a correx plane.

    Hi I am new here and wondered if anyone has built an RC plane from correx? I built a spitfire from from correx many years ago. It was called the CORROSPIT by the guys who designed it. This is their site...http://www.spadtothebone.net/ I have used the same plans and built the CORROSPIT from...
  16. dannyboy70000

    Tips for getting into the hobby

    Are foamies a good idea? Short answer : YES Long answer: YES but don't make it your pride and joy as you are going to crash it and it is going to break. i made an FT-Flyer as my first plane and they fly really well to begin with but as you fly them and have a few hard landings either on the...
  17. R

    Foam Board

    I want to know which Foam Board is used in scratch builds by Flitetest ?.. because there is a paper layer visible which is not available in local store.
  18. R

    Is denatured alcohol foam safe?

    Hi everyone. looking for a better way to remove hot glued servos. Is denatured alcohol foam safe?
  19. dannyboy70000

    Foamboard in Australia

    It is a massive problem, you watch these videos on youtube where they go out and but foam for $1 and build there plane and fly it and have fun but then you go out and buy $13 foam board that doesn't work very well and you don't have fun because it doesn't fly. Us Australians need some cheap...
  20. FoamieNinja

    The Striker Platform:

    Hey guys, I decided to follow through with the tradition of making a first post about my striker platform... I wrote an article, but for some reason, it's still waiting to be approved... ---------------------- ( Quick notice: This post may be excessively long, as I have a large amount of...