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  1. eagle4

    flitetest sugestion - Foam supplier

    I am originally from Australia where getting foamboard is hard and expensive, I was wondering if the flitetest guys ever considered just selling foamboard, obviously in the packs of 50 that they come from readiboard in. I'd imagine, that even with the shipping cost of getting a box of foam from...
  2. R

    New on Flitetest / looking for advice about starting in Europe

    Hi everyone, I wondered if some of you have experience in buying parts for the swapable series in Europe. I'm from the Netherlands myself. I never flew an RC plane before. I thought it would be nice to start of with an FT flyer. I'm mostly trying to get some information about the hobby and...
  3. B

    Scratchbuild: Cheveron pusher wing. Simple KFm3 w/plans

    Hi Guys. This is my first post on the forums! I designed this foamboard wing as a nice easy to fly stable platform with the potential for FPV. I like it a lot, but I wanted to put the plans up to see what you guys think. I'm fairly new to building planes and I'm on about the 3rd version of...
  4. B

    Transferring plans to foam board?

    OK, simple nooby question. I am starting into scratch building with a Bloody Wonder. Here is my question: How do I transfer the lines from the plans to the foam board? I can see laying the plans on top of the board and poking a pin or thumbtack through at each corner and then "connecting the...
  5. W

    Foam Ultralight Scratch Build

    Hey guys recently I was trying to watch all of the episodes in one weekend (it didn't work out ;-() but anyways sand I saw the bricksler episode and I am avid fan of ultralights (fyi for anyone that doesn't know an ultralight is an plane that weighs less than 256 lbs and does not require a...
  6. jamiedco

    Foam Board Dlg

    hello all since going threw David's site (rcexplorer.se) i have been wanting a dlg . but i am not that skilled with gliders so i don't want to spend a few hundred dollars on a dlg that i will probable kill . so after some searching i found a foam board dlg so when i kill it it will be cheap to...
  7. B

    Return to RC with EPP version of Cheap N Easy

    I'm stuck flying my Cheap N Easy foam delta because it refuses to break! I wish I had foamies when I started RC 25 years ago. I would not have quit the hobby due to heart breaking crashes. It wasn't love but I really REALLY liked my Sig Kadet II and picking it up with a dustpan killed RC for...
  8. D

    Dollar Tree foam board

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone knows of any UK equivalents to that Dollar Tree paper backed foam board? I'd love to get building some scratch builds, but I'm not sure on what's the nearest equivalent over here in England Many thanks in advance!
  9. S

    Hand thrown foam gliders?

    Has anyone ever tried to turn one of the hand thrown foam gliders from the hobby shop into a working electric rc?
  10. SkySlayer

    More vids on 3D planes.

    Hi FliteTest i love your show but i would like it if u did a review on the ElectriFly FlatOut Turmoil ARF 3D Foam plane or at least a 3d Foam plane with tips on the gluing.
  11. A

    Forex Foam Board

    Hi guys Anyone used Forex Foam Board to build foamies? http://www.display.3acomposites.com/forex.html?&L=1 I am in South Africa, and this is the closest I can get to depron, but this is a laminated product used to do signs for shops etc. Comes in 3mm, 5mm , and 8mm sheets 2030mm wide by...
  12. J

    The Standard Repair Kit For Begginers

    Hey there all, The tool that I most use by far is a hot glue gun. They are very cheap and an investment that you will not regret, I assure you! Click Here As most of you will be starting out on foamies I recomend investing in some toothpicks, as these are the ultimate way to quickly patch up any...
  13. StoneKap

    Cutting Foam! - Chad and David

    FAST TIP! Here is a little bonus video for you scratch builders...
  14. S

    Show Suggestion for beginners

    Hi, I am new to the RC field and is totally confused about the different types of foam available. EPP, Depron, EPO etc. Also, I am not sure on which glue should be used for what. It would be great if you could do a detailed show on "All about foam and glues". I am sure it will be welcomed by...
  15. Bigshow4u

    3D Hawk: PERFECT for beginners!

    For those who would like to get into the 3D Plane's, I would suggest the 3D Hawk. This is my first 3D Plane and is VERY easy to fly with even the most minimal experience. They say to use 5g servos but all I had have are 9g and they work just fine. I also suggest getting a CF wing spar as it WILL...