1. aslansknight

    I used Elmer's Foam Board

    I used Elmer's Foamboard to make my FT Flyer and FT Bloody Wonder. How much will the extra weight hurt me as I'm learning to fly? Each sheet of Elmers weighs approximately 8 ounces versus 4 ounces for Adam's foam board. Double the weight means double the required lift - so does that mean I'm...
  2. R

    Scratch Build Spectre Big Boom

    This is an overview of a Spectre pusher made from foam board and a variety of other materials using tips and techniques I have learned from Flitetest and beyond. Enjoy.
  3. raphino

    V-Tail Pusher Scratch Build 1200mm Wingspan 3mm Kapa-Board

    Hey Guys, In this Thread I'd like to share with you my latest project, the RST Hunter. This Design is a Pusher with a V-Tail to reduce the weight a little bit in the back section and I just wanted it to try out! I've allready made 2 Pusher Desings. The V2 was actually quite a success, but it...
  4. B

    Flitetest Foamboard - when will it be available ?

    Hey Guys, since Podcast #49 I´m really excited since Josh announced, that Flitetest will be selling DTF as Flitetest Foamboard. They want to sell it with various distributers. So comparable with the HK Warehouses you can order from a place nearby you (all around the world). This would be real...
  5. P

    Foam Board Czech Republic/EU or UK or EBAY - where to buy, please?

    What kind of material is it and where to buy such material (possibly in Europe - Czech Republic) for it for such nice strach build planes, please?
  6. B

    US\UK foamboard comparison (now with added maths!)

    Hi All, There seems to be some debate on here over the Hobbycraft foam board available in the UK and how much heavier it seems to be than the stuff the yanks get. I brought a few sheets from Hobbycraft on Friday after watching a few scratch build based videos at work but before I signed up...
  7. T

    Scratch Build help for a very new pilot

    So i can fly a full size glider and have a pretty decent understanding of flight dynamics, im just wondering what special considerations i need to make when making on such a small scale compared to full size. I have a plan all set out of a pretty nice looking F16 foamboard scratchbuild, however...
  8. D

    Motorpowered Sailplane... darkside... something

    Hey Guys, this might be my first ever posting in a forum so please be forgiving if some stuff is not classical forumtalk. Why I am posting is because I started my first scratchbuild. Well to be correct, I scratchbuilt a few planes from the FT series already (FT 3D, FT Versawing Blunt Nose, FT...
  9. A

    Heinkel HE 51 Foamboard Plans

    So a while ago I decided to try and make some plans for a swappable, and I went with the Heinkel HE 51. Why an HE 51? Idunno, seemed like a good idea at the time. This is the first finished version, feel free to download and build the plans. If you encounter a problem building or flying it...
  10. H

    Dynaflite Bird of Time Foamboard Wing Anyone?

    Does anyone know how to make a BOT style wing out of foamboard. I want to make a carbon arrow shaft fuselage glider, and that wing creates a load of lift, not mention it looks awesome. I really need some help on this, dimensions, tips, anything that could help. Thanks in advance.
  11. mad_milchmann

    Foamboard (& other scratchbuild stuff) in Germany - Information repository

    Hi there, since it's much harder to get Foamboard in Germany and they usually sell it in different sizes and qualities than in the USA you need some additional Informations if you want to make some of the awesome FT Scratchbuilds yourself. There are a few threads on this already but the...
  12. F2G2Corsair

    Minwax Spray - a faster, less messy way to waterproof foamboard?

    Hi everyone. I've been lurking on Flite Test for some time, and thought I'd share an idea I have. I've been experimenting with many waterproofing methods for my swappables, and I've come across a method I haven't seen used before. I'm sure you've heard of using polyurathane minwax to waterproof...
  13. T

    Printing plans?

    I'm want to build the ft versa wing but don't have enough money to buy it. I wanted to use the plans online to make it but was unsure how to print it. I have access:confused to a plotter so i can print the full size plans but was unsure how to print it and keep it to scale. Can anyone give me an...
  14. F

    Anyone using Elmer's brand foam board?

    I just used Elmer's brand foam board to build a FT Racer and had a much better experience than the Adam's foam board. The Elmer's only cost $1.50 per sheet and it does not have to be treated to paint, almost water proof, paper backing does not peel(better hinges), does not tear when cut with a...
  15. C

    Warped Foamboard! What to do?

    I wasn't sure which area to post this in but ... I just visited a local Dollar Tree for the first time and bought several sheets of white and black foamboard. I had to really sort through many sheets to find some that were not badly warped. I couldn't find any that were ideal and the 2 black...
  16. M

    Foam Board 3mm or 5mm

    Hi, This has no doubt been answered before but I can't find another post! Before I go and buy a bunch of Foam Board I want to check if anyone has used 3mm Foam Board before. On Amazon UK there seems to be options for 5mm and 3mm, 3mm could be good thanks to the weight saving but I would be...
  17. RotateB4TheEnd

    Round Fuselage Ideas?

    Hey all, I was curious if anyone had any ways to get a cylindrical fuselage made out of foam board. I'm sure I could make a ton of score lines and get a pretty close shape but has anyone gotten a good shape without making a bunch of cuts? My reasoning behind this is i'd like to take a stab...
  18. F

    Foam Board (Readi-Board) for those living outside the USA (US citizens pls read too)

    This is partially in response to the speed-build kits: I've wanted to build scratch-build several airframes, especially the FT swappables. I have bought foam-board (quite similar in dimensions to the readi-boards), but at 60+ euros for 10 sheets, it's quite expensive (I haven't started making...
  19. ExAir

    Foamboard Scratchbuilding Contest: "Snowbird" $150 prize

    If it snows where you live and you like scratchbuilding foamies then this is for you. Have a look, enter a plane if you can, but at least stay tuned for some good snow plane ideas and interesting adventures. Experimental Airlines
  20. H

    Polyhedral on DT Foamboard wing?

    Hello. I recently built Ed's Axon from ExperimentalAirlines (Axon video: out of Dollar Tree foamboard and it was my first plane so I crashed it and bashed it a few times and now I am working on repairing it and modifying it to my liking. One thing I...