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  1. I

    Flying 60" of overloaded AXON!

    Hey guys, Hope you're all well, and hope you can get a smile out of this. There's crashes, there's friends, and there's 20kt winds. Enjoy!
  2. TurtlesThatFly

    Super simple toilet paper roll foamboard b-52 stratofortress

    Hello fellow Flitetesters! This is a foamboard B-52 that I am working on. I had a thread in the Electric Fixed-Wing section of the Electric Flight forum, but I realized this is a better place to post this. So here it is! Intended to be Depron, this B-52 is aimed to become a simple design that...
  3. W

    Can you make the swappables with HK foam

    In australia you cant get the dollar tree foam board, so this is the best alternative. When watching the build videos it seems like the designs rely on the paper backing, which I do not believe the hobbyking foam has. Is it then possible to make the designs with it? Link...
  4. Z

    3D Printed Foamboard Score Cutter

    Frustrated at keeping a consistent depth, I decided to make a tool that would hold a razor blade at the perfect angle. Works very well, might make one for making edge bevels. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2158247
  5. S

    My FT Spear

    This was my first foamboard FT build (I have an electrohub copter awaiting completion), and so my technique isn't as polished as J. Bixler, but I managed to get it built, in only twice the estimated time! :) I took her out on her maiden today, still need a little tuning. I set my rate a bit low...
  6. P

    DTF (almost) foamboard in the UK

    After buying loads of foamboard from various companies in the UK, trying to find one that is as light as DTF and has a paper surface that peels like DTF, and is relatively cheap, I have to admit, I've failed. However, the last box I bought is the closest so far. It is lighter than most, the...
  7. Sunspot369

    Flattening warped foamboard

    It seems that finding nice flat foamboard is pretty rare, but I've come up with a nifty solution. Buy a full case of twenty-five sheets, and when you get home take out every other sheet, turn it around, and put it back in the same "slot" it came from. Now the warps are working against each...
  8. B

    PERFECT Bevel Cuts, Thanks to my 3D printer.

    So like many others after drooling over how easy flitetest makes scratch build look, I decided to ripe apart some 10+ year old planes, and a few trips to Amazon, and had everything I needed. I started building my plan and when I tried to make my first bevel cut, it looked like I tossed it to a...
  9. T

    Foamboard in EU (Netherlands)

    Hello everyone, i've been searching for a solution of the lack of foamboard in EU and i've been wanting a great source. I have found one but i don't have any experience with this company, if i buy some of this stuff i'll definitely post my experiences in the comments. for anyone who is...
  10. U

    UK Foamboard FT Flyer Evolution.

    Hi Again Still loving the FT Flyer however...... With UK Foamboard, mine are gradually evolving from the light, indoor, floaty planes shown in the Original FT video, to heavier, more powerful planes. Certainly not indoor flyers any more. Number 10 is almost completed......It starts here...
  11. The Alpine Ace

    Anyone have plans/ideas for a foamboard 3D profile (foamie) airplane?

    I've been practicing a lot on the simulators, because of winter, and I've gotten good at the 3D planes. I want get a real life counterpart, and I have a lot of spare parts and foamboard. Anybody have any designs for a profile or foamie 3D airplane that I can make out of foamboard? I know there's...
  12. C

    First scale build attempt

    This build was inspired by @foamandtape Cargo Commander and the rest of the Flitetest crew. They inspired me to get into the hobby this past year and I went from not being able to fly at all to doing 3D with the Guinea Pig. This will be my first and surely not last scratch build. I'm hoping to...
  13. T

    Hydrophobic treatment for Adams FB

    I love all the swappable designs for their ingenuity but the huge drawback is its durability against moisture. I'm sure that I'm not alone and, like Josh and Chad suggested in the past, I have had moderate success treating the paper of the foam board with Minwax Polyurethane. It's a great...
  14. Gaz.Spencer

    Coroplast better than Foamboard?

    I've been building my own planes for roughly a year and a bit, and in that time I've used both Coroplast and Foamboard, and I have to say, I love Coroplast. I seem to encounter issues with Foamboard, such as warping, and water damage when landing on wet grass, and yes, these issues can be...
  15. M

    Importing Adams Readi Foam Board to Australia

    Importing Adams Readi Foam Board to Australia Hi peeps, Just putting my feelers out there to see what kind of response I get to see if this is viable. As most of you are aware the foam used by Flitetest is pretty much non existent or we have much more expensive alternatives here in Australia...
  16. M

    Importing Adams Readi Foam Board to Australia

    Hi peeps, Just putting my feelers out there to see what kind of response I get to see if this is viable. As most of you are aware the foam used by Flitetest is pretty much non existent or we have much more expensive alternatives here in Australia, or outside the USA pretty much. I have...
  17. D

    Mini Beechcraft Baron G58 - Opinions and suggestions appreciated/wanted/needed

    First off a little background information: As you could already tell from from my name, my favorite aircraft of all time is the Beechcraft Baron G58 and I have been desperately tried to find any kind of easy to build (or to buy) foamie models of this beauty. Unfortunately, the only ones I could...
  18. ScreamingChicken

    Any Kiwis tried Warehouse Stationery 5mm foamboard?

    I'm based in Whangarei, trying to find some half decent foamboard for building. Seems my only 2 real choices locally are Warehouse Stationery (who only seem to have the 5mm 20"x30" sheets) and Bunnings that sells Elmers 5mm foamboard. From looking through the forums, it sounds like Elmers is...
  19. aslansknight

    I used Elmer's Foam Board

    I used Elmer's Foamboard to make my FT Flyer and FT Bloody Wonder. How much will the extra weight hurt me as I'm learning to fly? Each sheet of Elmers weighs approximately 8 ounces versus 4 ounces for Adam's foam board. Double the weight means double the required lift - so does that mean I'm...
  20. R

    Scratch Build Spectre Big Boom

    This is an overview of a Spectre pusher made from foam board and a variety of other materials using tips and techniques I have learned from Flitetest and beyond. Enjoy.