1. Snarls

    The Bee's Knees (Miniquads)

    I'm looking to upgrade some of the parts on my old ZMR250 build. Thing is I have been out of the loop with the latest and greatest, especially in the BlHeli/Betaflight department. So I am wondering if you guys can tell me what is currently the 'bee's knees' as far as miniquad components go...
  2. Mastrmindz

    SBA Spartan 210 X HD

    Hey everyone. The new Spartan miniquad frame looks pretty sweet. I was going through the options on the product in the Flite Test store and was wondering about the setup. What would be the best combination for this frame? I am planning on buying a pair of Fatshark Transformer goggles along...
  3. R

    Fort Collins Colorado

    Looking for some fellow flyers in Fort Collins Colorado. I fly FPV miniquads, but would be happy to see some fixed wing as well. Anyone in the area?
  4. thatfpvkid

    Qav-Build Motor/yaw Glitch

    Recently, I completed a Qav-R build using EMAX RS2205 2600kv motors, Littlebee 4in1 blheli esc, and a naze32 rev6. After the build, we were able to get it in the air with one catch. In the half throttle range (around hover) it is very jumpy. It tends to sound like a motor is skipping or...
  5. Snarls

    Miniquad Fliers - What Props are You Using

    Well its that time again...time to stock up on more props. I've been using DAL 5040 V2 triblades lately on my martian and have noticed them breaking or bending into retirement a little more than I would like. They are still great props, but I am starting to consider switching props. Its been a...
  6. BOT Bob

    This is my first flight! My aunt's dog joined in
  7. hotbrass2005

    Quadcopter at the beach?

    My wife and I are going on vacation next week to a quiet little beach in North Carolina. I'm planning on taking my mini quad and doing some flying around the beach where there aren't a lot of people. What should I do to the quad or take with me to keep from ruining it while on vacation? I got...
  8. S

    Naze32 + Cleanflight - Motors spin rapidly up and stop

    Well, it's me again... I've got a new problem with my 230mm quad... First of all, I got it flying for like 4 minutes yesterday, which is good, it flew pretty well. When I tried it later that day again it started showing some weird behaviour: When I arm it, the motors start spinning at minimum...
  9. N

    Do mini quads need quadcopter specific motors?

    I found this motor online, with a kv of 2600 and a power rating of 260W: And I thought it would work really well on a miniquad, and it is much cheaper than...
  10. Snarls

    Flying In The Forest

    Hey guys check out my new video flying on an abandoned trail in the woods. This was filmed at the tail end of summer, but I just got around to editing it. My radio has a range problem so that's why I'm only flying such a short stretch of trail. With my new Taranis I'm hoping to fly the entire...
  11. C

    converting tricopter parts to a mini quadcopter need help

    I recently crashed a Fortis Airframes TITAN Tricopter and the frame is completely broken. All the electronics still work fine so i want to use them to build a mini quadcoter for fpv racing. But I don't have enough money to buy a whole new set of electronics. So my issue is I don't know if the...
  12. Snarls

    A Lonely Field With A Lone Tree

    Hey guys, towards the end of the summer I took my miniquad and mountain bike and started riding down a trail close to my house that I had never gone down before. The trail is overgrown at the start and is about a mile long stretch until it runs into a road. Breaking off half way down the trail I...
  13. W

    Toolbox of tools for a miniquad build

    Hello all, I am thinking about building a versacopter, and am wondering how many tools i'd actually need if i want to build, fly, and repair it, and all other little accessories that are easy to forget like velcro, heatshrink.... Thanks a lot!
  14. N

    MXP230-E build

    Hello Peeps, So I got into miniquads about a year ago and started with a QAV 250, you can read about that here: For those TLRD the QAV is fantastic, seriously, however I have broken 2 baseplates already at the arms...
  15. Snarls

    Proximity FPV Tree Dancing

    I have not been able to fly far and fast lately due to range issues so here is a short clip of some proximity FPV flying I did around a large oak tree.
  16. Snarls

    Flying in Circles

    Sometimes flying in circles is a relaxing day at the field. Other times you are literally flying in a circle and trying hard not to crash. There is a neighborhood in town with a circle that was built in anticipation of new houses. To this day the lots remain vacant and the circle goes unused.
  17. Snarls

    DAL "Indestructable" Props Question

    Lately I have been breaking quite a few props doing freestyle FPV. The Gemfan 6045s are nice and cheap, but they have separated mid flight on me twice and they break pretty easily. I've been pointed to the DAL "indestructible props" from surveillzone multiple times, but heard they don't have as...
  18. Snarls

    Sunset Freeride - Video

    Hey guys check out my new video. I did some freeriding around some trees at sunset while testing my latest Luxfloat tune.
  19. Snarls

    MiniQuad ESC Prop Strikes

    Recently I have been noticing slices in the heat shrink around my ESCs, and it's not just one ESC, all of them seem to have been hit in some way. My ZMR250 has the ESCs mounted on the arms which is great for active cooling, but puts them in danger of prop strikes. I figure the problem is that...
  20. Snarls

    Velocirotor - FPV and Aerial Videos by Snarls

    Hello everyone, I am excited to announce the launch of my new Youtube channel - Velocirotor! The concept of making and sharing aerial videos is what got me into the hobby and now I finally feel ready to start producing my own videos. Most of my videos will be freestyle FPV at various locations...