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Mobius Dock Power

I am a newbe when it comes to FPV. I am building the VersaCopter 280 just like Flitetest did a build video on. I am going to use a Mobius w/Transmitter Dock. I would like to wire in a voltage alarm. I am going to use a zippo 2200mAh 4c but Flitetest used a 3c so I might get a few 3c's. I am using the Mobius as FPV camera with FatShark Teleporter 3 goggles.

So, in short I would like to know how to power the Mobius dock with an inline voltage alarm to a 2200mAh lipo.
Thank you for your time.

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Easy solution would be to just plug one of those simple voltage alarms into the balance plug of
Your battery. They are available everywhere for 3 or 4 bucks. I fly with one most of the time.