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  1. T

    Bluebaby model for RC Deskpilot

    After much inspiration from rcspaceflight I've been modelling several planes for RCDP this is the first one I'm ready to release! I look forward to feedback and plan on making more models. If you have any requests for new planes please let me know. So this is the bluebaby 33in by Tony65x55 at...
  2. Johan

    I made a rough Bat bone 3D simulator model

    Hi, After building a bat bone for real (no flight time yet), I though that it was a pity that my training simulator does not show the actual Bat Bone. Since it was raining here anyway, this was a great opportunity to refresh my Blender 3D modeling skills (if any ...) So I grabbed one of the...
  3. C

    A teacher's ceiling

    I took this picture while I was fixing some ethernet tacking in a teacher's room while they are on summer break. Mind you, this is only one half of his room that i got the picture from so there are more model planes to be seen.
  4. wingspan100

    OFFICIAL AirShowRC.com Video Collection Thread

    Over time, I will be adding videos to this thread. These flying videos can also be seen on our YouTube channel.
  5. wingspan100

    AirShowRC.com ® Official Thread

    Hey guys, I'm new here and have no friends. Friend me now ok? Please visit www.airshowrc.com We almost have a total of 200 different airplane models for you to check out! Something for everyone! Thanks, Richard See if one of your Facebook friends are one of our 5000 Facebook friends! --...
  6. G

    Model rocket catch/recovery

    Here is the idea. I remember reading about recovering parachute bourne space vehicles mid air with a "catcher" mounted to the front of a c-130. How about doing something like that with a model rocket floating down to earth and a FPV equiped rc plane???? That would be some fun!
  7. colorex

    FMS - Flying Model Simulator - The Free RC Simulator

    :: Flying Model Simulator :: FMS Homepage FMS is the most popular simulator to date, because of its price. It is available for download for free. FMS is NOT the nicest simulator, but it works and it's free. This thread will be dedicated to discussing topics about FMS, such as functions...