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  1. jamieFL

    Naze32 A-Tail Complete...It Flies

    Thanks everyone who guided me on my project. I am starting a new thread because the finished design is so different that what I started with. If you want to see how it started out, see the below linked threads: http://forum.flitetest.com/showthread.php?10232-Naze32-V-Tail-Quad-Setup and...
  2. SleeppingWolf

    naze32 motor problems

    after putting together my quadcopter with naze32 i found that it would not arm. i then plugged it into the configorator and found that motors 1 and 2 would not spin but they wold if i swapped them for motors 3 and 4, but then 3 and 4 wont spin. i don't know how to rectify or if its possible to fix.
  3. C

    Problem with my Naze32 ..

    :confused: Hi everyone I got a new naze32 board and when I connect my receiver to the board the board isn't picking up the data correctly. The sliders on the basefilght are constently changing without a transmitter input. you can see the sudden change in the receiver sliders as i pug my...
  4. jamieFL

    OSD Help

    I need help choosing an OSD module. I have been shopping on eBay and found many MinumOSD choices. I suspect that they are not all the same. I don't even know if the Minum is my best choice. I am also looking to save on weight if possible and I'm building on a budget. I am building a V-Tail...
  5. jamieFL

    Naze32 V-Tail Quad Setup

    Hi everyone. Thank you Josh, Josh, and Dave. I am building my second multirotor. The first was a Fortis Airframes Titan tricopter (that I found from an ad on your site) with an APM 2.6 flight controller. It flies very well and is used for aerial photography. I want to build something for...