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Problem with my Naze32 ..


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Hi everyone

I got a new naze32 board and when I connect my receiver to the board the board isn't picking up the data correctly. The sliders on the basefilght are constently changing without a transmitter input.
you can see the sudden change in the receiver sliders as i pug my battery.

I have a frsky D8R-II PLUS and it works well with my kk board. I have not enabled the ppm on naze32 and the gyros seems to be ok. also when i check the motors from "motor/servo output" tab motors are spinning.

Anyone have a clue on whats going on??

MT Alex

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Are you sure the receiver is bound correctly? How are you powering the receiver? Also, any reason why you wouldn't want to use cppm?


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Yes alex I used the same receiver with mm kk board after the naze issue and it flew ok. I am powering the receiver using the naze32 board. also I haven't flashed the receiver to use cppm..

I checked the naze32 receiver connections form the multimeter and the power pin is giving 5v and the other pins also have a voltage of 2.57,1.97 ,1.30 ,1.13, 1.61 ,1.60 from 1st pin to 6th pin and they are changing continuously by 0.01 increments to +- 0.1v .
is this normal??


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I don't know FRsky but I would suggest firstly to re-flash the board. This is worthwhile for each new board purchase each time anyway.

Are you running this with PWM inputs? i.e. power, ground, throttle, aileron, elevator, rudder pins connected separately. PWM inputs should not require any setup on the CLI so long as you have the correct pin order but PPM does require setup.


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Isn't the DR8 a PPM receiver?

If so you need to enable PPM on the Naze before it will work. I run the FrSky 4 channel receiver and I have to enable PPM on the Naze to get it working.


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Couldn't find the exact problem but managed to overcome it. There was some issue with the pin 1 and 2. When I connect the receiver to those pins only the above thing happens. So I remapped the pins backwards and its working fine now.

@cranialrectosis -My receiver isn't ppm. I saw in the web that inorder to use PPM , receiver should be flashed with the relevant firmware.

Thanks guyz