1. R

    Aura 5 lite question

    so im gonna be putting an ft aura 5 lite in a carl Goldberg anniversary piper cub, which is a tail dragging aircraft. will i need to zero the aura while holding the tail up as if the plane were in level flight? also how would i reduce vibration of the board? im nervous that it will vibrate and...
  2. rightflyer-40t.jpg


    This was my official first ever RC plane when I was teen. It was never flown and sold sometime later b/c I was too scared to fly it.
  3. D

    Nitro Flite Test plane suggestions

    I am starting to build a nitro powered version of a flite test plane, so I'm taking a poll/suggestions on what people would like to see.
  4. T

    Hey! New to the hobby! Excited to be here!

    Hi everyone, I'm from southern, Sk, Canada. 33 years old, I've been interested in rc my whole life. I inherited my first plane, a kadet sr with an os four stroke from my grandpa a few years ago. I recently met a new friend who's big into rc flying and he got me excited to get it back in the...
  5. T

    New to hobby, need help identifying plane and fox engine

    Hey guys. Fairly new to the hobby. I inherited a beautiful mated sr with an os four stroke from my grandpa. My goal is to learn to fly with a foamy or two and then Get the kadet back in the air. A customer of mine gave me an old plane the other day, he told me it was a kadet but I'm not sure...
  6. L

    Gas and glow Mixings/ HHHEEEEEEELP!?

    Hi, i was looking at some gas engines and was wondering a few things.#1 I saw a cox engine that said "25% nitro" does this mean oil or what.#2 What is the mixing of oil to gas for nitro engines?#3 I was looking at a couple of "vintage" engines on ebay. They did not say anything about gas or...
  7. RCrazy

    Nitro Versa!

    Check out XJets latest post. They stuck about a 60 size nitro engine on a Versa, and it flew with out ripping wings off!
  8. M

    nitro to electric

    I got an old plane called the 4 star 40 for $40 (no joke) its a ply, balsa and monocoat plane that has a 40" wingspan and is nitro powered. I got it because it was a steal (it came with a tool kit, electric starter and glow starter) but the only expirience ive had with nitro has been terrible. I...
  9. R

    Diesel or nitro powered

    Have a FT or some scratch built foamie powered by a small nitro or diesel engine. I think a .10 or .15LA. It shouldnt be that difficult of a challenge to do and would sound amazing.
  10. J

    unknown PT-19 ??????

    hi just a simple post wanting to know if anyone can identify what make this model (eg. brand) because i picked it up at an auction and have no clue also would a OS .46 la be enough to run it wingspan = 55'' 140cm fuse = 42'' 108cm if more pics needed i will provide any help is much...
  11. W

    FT Nitro

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make an FT nitro, perhaps a good way to something other than foam board for an FT balsa series. I dunno but i think it would be pretty cool to see an FT design powered by a cox 049 or something other that is similarly iconic. love the show, -Will
  12. S

    DX6i Problem

    I have a DX6i radio and I am trying to get my Throttle Cut button working properly. If the Throttle channel is set to Normal (rather than reverse) the Throttle Cut button works as it should, by reducing the throttle all the way to the lowest setting. But when my Throttle channel is set to...
  13. C

    Wolfe Field Bray,Ok

    Wolfe Field in Bray, OK with an actual 2,600 X 35 foot paved full scale private runway with no transition to the 1/4 mile long grass runway next to the paved one. This was their first event to showcase the field and the OKSS had a great time
  14. D

    Newbie Advice

    Hello, I am building a 20 year old, new in box futaba professor 40 ARF nitro plane, i have all i need, but not the instruction manual. I have contacted futaba and may or may not get a manual, but i have other questions What glue should i use? its balsa with some foam.. and if im stuck can i post...
  15. S

    Super sport 40s

    Playing my Super Sport 40s with custom decals, powered by OS 55 AX at BSD Aeromodelling Club (BSDAC).