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DX6i Problem


Junior Member
I have a DX6i radio and I am trying to get my Throttle Cut button working properly.

If the Throttle channel is set to Normal (rather than reverse) the Throttle Cut button works as it should, by reducing the throttle all the way to the lowest setting. But when my Throttle channel is set to reverse, the Throttle Cut button put the throttle all the way to max! :eek:

I am guessing that there is something in the programming that is not switching the Throttle Cut button to reverse when the Throttle is set to reverse, but I have been through all of the settings multiple times and can't seem to figure out how to get it to work properly. Is this something that the transmitter is just not capable of or am I just doing something wrong? :confused:

I can go old school by adjusting the trim to idle at bottom throttle then reducing the trim when the plane is on the ground, but I would really like to use the function of the transmitter if it is available.

Thanks for viewing and I appreciate your help!

(Just to be clear, this is for a nitro plane and I am NOT trying to do a throttle HOLD, which I already know is not available in ACRO mode on my transmitter. This is for the Throttle CUT function.)


Old age member
Have you been in the menu and inhibit/activated the Throttle Cut - page 29 in the manual.
Make sure you have done i new binding of the receiver after you have reversed the th channel to avoid disaster if you loose signal.