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Tricopter Flight time problems


Junior Member
I recently rebuilt my tricopter, which is an aluminium version of David Windestal's Tricopter, with a KK2.1 control board, a 20a Q-brain ESC, a turnigy 2200mah 3s battery, some dt750, 10x4.7 GWS props, and other accesories. I have done some calculations, and i should be getting about 6 mins flight time, but im only getting about 2-2:30 mins off a full battery.

The batteries are old and have had a few cycles, I dont know whether it would affect the flight time though. I have thought about getting new batteries, although i dont know whether i should get the same batteries again, or get higher capacity ones, or get some 4 cell batteries.

Any help would be appreciated as I really would like to get some decent flying done and to hopefully add FPV before not too long.


propulsion impromptu
since you're planning into fpv, might be good to consider getting a new battery that suits.
you could use it to gauge if the old battery has gone bad as well, by comparing each of the actual/calculated flight time.
similar test if you have other battery packs of your own or borrowed from a friend.
just my 2cts.