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Help with my first aircraft

Go for any PC (or polycarbonate) props. They don't break on impact, but bend instead. Glass nylon props will break and shatter upon being hit.


Old and Bold RC PILOT
Thanks A lot for replying.
By Polycarbonate, do you mean carbon fibre
Can you help me out a bit by giving me a link to Veiw polycarbonate propellers

Thanks a lot
Ronan S
FYI. Carbon Fibre props are very strong and generally very rigid right up to the point they explode into sharp shards. Do not use CF if you do not need them, they will still break.

I second the recommendation that you seek out and fit a prop saver for your craft. Also please ensure that you cut the throttle when landing.

Have fun!
I've used Dal Prop's 6 by 30 props very successfully on my belly landers. Use the "indestructible" ones and you'll never break a prop again!
If possible, try extending the nose some. This will increase the leverage, thus making more use of your weight on it. Trust me, I had the same problem with my explorer, and it works like a charm. Good Luck!