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  1. MLGSwagPilot

    My second attempt at building an RC Plane (Scratch-Built) (CRASHED!!!)

    Hey everyone! My name is Tommaso, I live in Italy and this is my first post on the FT Forum: I wanted to share with you guys my experience in building and flying my second scratch built rc plane. Around summer '20 I decided to start building a RC plane: at first, I wanted to make a 1m wingspan...
  2. TheDeathlyBro

    3D Printable F-100A Super Sabre EDF Jet!

    Hey guys, this is my first post here. I have started to design an F-100A which is 3d printable and will be powered by a 50mm edf!
  3. rcwees

    which plane should i build with this motor

    i have a motor just laying around from a build that was scratched a while ago, and was wondering if i should try and make a mini or something with it, i just dont know which would work if any at all. here is the link for the motor. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00XBZWIHE/?tag=lstir-20...
  4. Bo123

    Master style Hawker Sea Fury

    This is the start of my master style Sea Fury. This is my first master style build, so if anyone has any tips, I would be very appreciative.
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  7. IMG_20201007_185721553_HDR.jpg


    My Puddle duck at the field
  8. IMG_20210102_165302000.jpg


    My still unnamed racer before it's first flight.
  9. glideher

    Micro Lazy Bee Balsa 10" wing span

    here are some pictures of this here micro lazy bee, 10" wing span, 25 gram flying weight, next version will be under 19 grams and fly a lot slower
  10. The growing collection!

    The growing collection!

    This is my current collection with an awesome Ft Simple Cub on the way!

    Mini Boeing 747 made from a tiny whoop!

    So recently I have been really into mini projects with tiny whoops. I recently built a mini RC paper airplane using a mini cheerson drone, and since then multiple aircraft using only two motors using differential with a fixed elevator. Examples of this would be flite tests video of making a mini...
  12. P

    Radian glider over the Isle of Wight coastline

    Combining my interest in film & photography, RC planes.... and just messing about outdoors.... "One Last Flight..." short film 'hope you enjoy. :)
  13. TooJung2Die

    Contest Commercial - Old Timer Rubber Free Flight to RC Conversion

    Odd name for an airplane. It's a 1930's era rubber powered design. Project #5 in "Air Youth of America" organization of the same period. I got it from Penn Valley Hobby Center. They closed their store after 50+ years in business. They were selling their remaining stock on eBay. It was a...
  14. CatholicFlyer

    Christmas Episode!

    We have all read the poem about St. Nicholas and his sleight and reindeer, well, to the @flitetest @fliteadmin I have an idea for a build and flight review, a full size RC St. Nicholas and his flying reindeer and sleight, even use electronics to move the legs of the deer. I am not sure how to...
  15. CatholicFlyer

    A Bi-Wing B-1B It's Huge!

    Well, I have created a new bi-wing airplane, it's not the usual style of bi-wing which goes over the plane, but each wing has a wing on top of each other, it is a tad heavy. the body is two sheets of card stock paper glued then taped, the tail are two edges of disposable cereal bowls glued...
  16. CatholicFlyer

    How To Build Whitehead No. 21 Monoplane

    The hardest parts of the build will be the shape of the body, it looks like a boat with pointed ends, next is the wing shapes and tail shape and attachments. To make it fly will be a challenge, be at least a four channel or better system. Now, it will be a very nose heavy vehicle and the props...
  17. N

    Survey For School

    Hello all, I need some help. I am currently doing an engineering project for school, designing a UAV. However, first I need to justify my problem. This is where you come in. I need people to fill out this short survey for me. https://goo.gl/forms/z9X1wu7ZI6SSVIEQ2 Feel free to share this...
  18. themajik1

    Drone or FPV Article on Yahoo

    I just got online and looked at Yahoo news and saw this story: http://news.yahoo.com/role-drones-wildlife-eco-conservation-060727498.html When reading the comments about the story, we are really in bad shape in the national community about this part of our hobby. We really need to try and...
  19. F

    6061 Tricopter

    Hey everyone, don't know if every one has seen this. http://fpvpilot.com/400Tricopter.aspx I like it how they sell it as a complete kit so you know that everything will work together.