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Survey For School

Hello all,
I need some help. I am currently doing an engineering project for school, designing a UAV. However, first I need to justify my problem. This is where you come in. I need people to fill out this short survey for me.


Feel free to share this to other related forums or among friends, the more responses the better however please limit to one response per person. Thanks for the help!

Glad to hear that you are interested in a radio control related school project. Is this a senior project, or a project for a specific class? From the questions on your survey, it sounds like you should try to find some modelers in your area to fly with and talk to a few times. The people who run UAV style aircraft are likely to want an aircraft more for business reasons then the average hobbiest. What field of engineering are you studying? I had several class mates that did UAV projects, so I can provide some advice on how to be more successful if you tell a little more about yourself and what you are wanting to learn/do. What is your background and how much modeling or flying have you done?
Sorry for the late response,
This is a yearlong capstone project for our high school engineering program. My group has all worked with various multirotor before and are planning on majoring in aerospace and mechanical engineering. I have built several aircraft, both fixed wing and multirotor, competed in a Search and Rescue (SAR) competition using quadcopters, and have interned with UAS test Directorate with the Navy. Our goal is to create an affordable UAV that can preform a variety of tasks, from SAR, to photography, to racing. (yea, I know that sound completely implausible, but we have a plan!)

Any advice wold be greatly appreciated!
Filled it out.

Couldn't help notice NZ in youre username. You might also like to try the rotorcross NZ facebook pages

If youre in Christchurch, let us know if youre needing any help or have any questions. Bunch of people here that would be more than happy to help out where they can.

Good luck with youre project!
It is very cool that engineers find time not only for well-known companies and large projects, but also for ordinary schools. I admire that. My admiration is caused by the fact that I know from my own experience how much effort, time and money it takes to become a good specialist. I have passed a lot of exams to get a Project Management Professional certificate and I know that after it is very difficult to agree to small projects. In fact, I was wondering what stage your project is at and whether it is successful?
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