Motor Choice for FT Simple Scout


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Hi Guys.

So I am planning my first scratch build using electronics from a second hand build that I bought that was destroyed (By a tree)

All the electronics are fine (Including servos) And i'm planning on using everything for the Simple Scout. My question is about the motor.

The Motor is unidentifiable in it's performance specs. But it came off a scratch built pusher jet. Swinging a 6x4 prop (I will naturally buy a new prop, the guide recommends a 10 x 4) but would that choice change? Also, would the motor even fit at all? It seems to be bigger in size compared to what's offered in the power packs by Flite Test. Here are some pics and I would really appreciate your guys input!

The pics include the aforementioned 6 x 4 prop so you can get an idea of the size.





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That looks like a 2200kv motor, a motor that commonly is used with a 6x4 prop. You wont want to put a 9" or bigger prop on that motor ... to high of kv to throw that size of prop. The specs for the Scout calls for a 810 kv or there abouts and I would stick to a motor in that range based on the prop you'll be using.


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Interesting. I'm really trying to keep my costs down.

I'll check what ESC it has when i get home later. And report back (As that may give a better idea?) I may even take the motor off to see if i can find any other markings to help me identify.

I know it's not exactly rocket science, but the same design and colour scheme motor that i can find on HobbyKing is a 1400kv 430watt motor.

What would be the adverse effects of swinging a 10x4 on it? Or would the FT Simple Scout be okay with this motor and this 6x4 prop?
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Also, i'm very new to the hobby, and have watched the whole of the FT Beginner series, twice. And more of their tips! And i'm still learning. From what i understand a 1400kv is a higher rpm than an 810, so if it spins faster, i can just use less throttle? Or does it not exactly work like that?


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Update: I just had a rather interesting talk with a HobbyKing product specialist. And they explained a few things to bolster my understanding of KV. What I got out of it was Lower KV = More torque. And i can get a turnigy 910kv motor for 16 quid. So not too bad. Added more than i wanted to the budget for my scratch build. But it's nothing compared to having to replace everything by burning out the ESC and puffing the Lipo.


Check out for motors, I used a Sunnysky 2216-1100kv with a 3s 2200mah lipo and a 10x4.7 prop and was really happy with it, never used more than 3/4 throttle with it. THEY usually have really good specs on their Sunnysky motors too. They may be a few more dollars than the turnigy ones, but they are much better quality and worth it.


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Looks like a XXD 2212 motor. How many KV is the question. They are made in several KV from 930 to 2200. I put one of these 2212 mystery KV motors with a 30A ESC on an a 18 oz Schoolgirl biplane. I'd guesstimate it's about the same load or more than the Scout. It's using a 8X6 prop and a 1300 mAh 2S battery. Gobs of thrust and 10 minute flight times.

I made a "$3 wattmeter" so I can check the amp draw on unknown motor/prop combinations to make sure none of the magic smoke leaks out anywhere during flight. You might want to make or buy a wattmeter.

dont mess around with props and motors. tis is a recipie for disaster. take it from someone whos already burnt out a motor by over proping it.

basically the prop determines to load on the motor, theres nothing stopping a motor from drawing more power than it can handle, overheats and shorts out. This can be disastrous and take out your ESC. Could even damage your battery.

a general rule of thumb is a motor can handle its weight x3 in power. alot of motors are over eager in there power handling. so a 20g motor should handle 60w of power.

There are even cheaper motors. i paid 6 quid for the motor on my trojan (ft mustange based plane) and its supposedly 300w. its a turnigy

1100kv motor im running a 10x4.5 prop on this although i think i need to change as it doesnt seem very efficient on that prop on my particular plane.