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I am looking for a 2.4ghz 4ch radio of good build quality and multi model memory for my planes, nothing else. I just want this because I don't use all that the programmable stuff, to me it just gets in the way. I like to be back to basic with the plane and flying at 100% rates all of the time. Does anybody know of any transmitters out there that are multi model and not programmable.

*Strange request I know*



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All basic transmitters have switches to reverse channels. Whenever you switch models, do the High-Five Method to double check your surfaces, which you should be doing anyway, and reverse as needed.

If you ever fly/want a plane with elevons, then buy a V-Tail mixer and you're all set. :D

Hi thanks for replying, a transmitter like this is what I already have so now I am looking for a transmitter like this but with model memory.


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I guess I ought to get a programmable transmitter, tbh I have never tried one out I think I might just be being stubborn when really I ought to explore this area of RC.


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Look at it this way. You will then have the option to add mixes or program stuff when you feel like trying it out. Other wise just bind your receiver and go fly. It's a win win in my book


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One of them has "3-pos Flap/Gyro switch, ideal for use with mutli-rotor aircraft flight mode selection". According to the feature list that's the only difference.