tiny trainer

  1. Winglet

    Tiny Trainer Scratch Build Ready for Maiden (pre crash photos)

    My second Tiny Trainer is ready to maiden! My first one is still in great shape. Just built this one mostly because they are just fun to build. Super hot outside and a little windy, so decided to post some photos right now instead of fly. Maiden this evening!!:) In one of the photos you...
  2. J

    Noob could use help with TinyTrainer set up for DX7 transmitter

    Hello out there in the blue beyond! I'm a noob to RC and the like. I scratch built a Mighty Tiny Trainer and picked up a used transmitter. I had help setting up my Apprentice to the transmitter by a generous veteran. . I now need to set up the DX7 for The Tiny trainer 3 channel and the Tiny...
  3. jrfoell

    FT Tiny Trainer Glider Winch - seeking glider winch launch advice

    I created a very simple person-powered winch made from an old bicycle trainer and a kite spool. My intent was to use it to launch my Tiny Trainer in glider mode. I'm new to RC flying, and gliding, and winch launching - the Tiny Trainer is my first model. I found some good helpful hints in this...
  4. Winglet

    Tiny Sailplane Video

    https://vimeo.com/130688450 Here is a short video of the maiden of my Tiny Trainer modified to a Sailplane wing.
  5. LandBasedMammal

    Tiny trainer power options

    Hey Flite Test fans, I'm looking for opinions on the many choices of power packs and components for the Tiny Trainer. I would just order from Altitude Hobbies but they have been out of stock for a while...these kits are super popular apparently:applause:. I've followed most of the links...