tiny trainer

  1. C

    Tiny Trainer motor question

    Hello, I'm new to the hobby and building a Tiny Trainer. Would this be a good motor for it? https://hobbyking.com/en_us/qav1806-2300kv-ccw.html It's already on the power pod, but I figured I'd better ask before the maiden. Will use this prop...
  2. P

    3mm Depron

    The design I'm currently working on is a powered glider (think tiny trainer +30%) but using the EA 'armin' wing design and hence my question... Would it be possible to use 3mm Depron rather than the 5mm or 6mm most FT and Youtube designs suggest? I intend on covering the wing with tape AND...
  3. T

    Tiny Trainer pulls left hard

    HI, I built my first tiny trainer and she flew great with the polyhedral wing first flights. after that she pulls left a great deal. I've checked the control surfaces, the CG and the angle on the power pod looks okay. anyone know what I might me missing? Thanks!
  4. FoamyDM

    STEM Scouts

    I have many hats. Father, Husband, Engineer, Mentor, Climber, Friend, Geek, Dork and the somewhat recently added Wolf Den Leader of Cub Scout Pack 745 in Eastover, NC. With this hat comes training. Late last year I attended the best Leadership course I've been to. Wood Badge. Highly recommend...
  5. T

    Update old build plans.

    Hi. I have now started on my first scratchbuild and i started with the Tiny Trainer. Would be nice if there is a posibility to go back and update old build plans so they have all markings that the new ones have. Had some problems in the start to get the right points to join the tiled pages. I...
  6. cladeport

    Laser Cutter issues

    NO BIG DEAL, but on my FT tiny trainer were some scorch marks and several lines were not properly cut. I hope someone from flite test sees this, maybe there is a problem with the laser cutters. just thought I'd let you know :)
  7. FoamyDM

    New and Energized here in Eastover/Fayetteville NC

    Hello, So for my Mid-life Crisis, I went on my 41st B-day and bought a cheap Blade Nano QX 3D from my local hobby store. While I was looking to educate myself on Quads and FPV I came across the flite test crew comparing some quads with FPV. Next time I was on Youtube it suggested I watch a...
  8. P

    Ft tiny trainer won't fly

    So I finally finished building my tiny trainer from the plans and took off after charging my batteries to full. Low and behold when I power the motor up and launch it flys straight into the ground. It does this over and over again with different batteries and motors. I am using a zippy 20c...
  9. J

    FT Tiny Trainer First Build

    So I'm looking to get into the hobby with only 5 mins experience on a 2 channel aircraft before i crashed it. The tiny trainer kit looks like a good kit to start out with, and I plan to use my schools transmitter (Which i'm pretty sure is high-end spektrum) and field. The kit includes options...
  10. tomlogan1

    Tiny Trainer Motor

    This is my first build of your planes and I ordered the kit without the motor or other electronics. I have some motors that I would like to see if they are going to work with the Tiny Trainer: E-Flite EFLM7010 BL280 - 1800 KV comes with EFLA 10 Amp ESC and E-Flite RFLB4503SJ50 battery...
  11. M

    Quick Tiny Trainer wing question

    I'm working to finish up a lighted Tiny Trainer which I'm going to bring along to FFest. I'm building the sport wing. I'm thinking of doubling the height of the spares (i.e. stack two pieces of foam instead of one) so that my LED strips can butt up against them pointing away from the spar and...
  12. P

    Hello...your advice is much appreciated

    Hello from New Zealand I'm a complete noob in regards to r/c flight and builds. I have just brought a spektrum dx6 and phoenix 5 flight sim to get some stress free practice in. I am looking at building a ft versa and maybe a ft tiny trainer, however I'm finding the foam board hard to find. I...
  13. M

    FT Tiny Trainer glider for high start

    Hi guys, so I am building my first FT model ever, and it's a TT. I want it as a 2 channel glider, so I extended the polyhedral wing by 20 cm. I will enlargen the vertical stabilizer and the rudder a bit, to still get good rudder authority. I also want to highstart it, so I reinforced the main...
  14. Y

    Help dialing in a Tiny Trainer

    Yesterday I barely managed 50 yards of flight in between each crash. Today it was as long as 5 minutes! And it was AWESOME! :D HOWEVER, I feel like I spent the whole time merely watching the plane instead of flying it! It only listened to my quiet suggestions to stay in the park...
  15. D

    Hello everyone. new guy here

    Hi, This is my first post on these forums. But I have been following Flite Test for a year or so. After seeing all of the nice builds I decided to try it myself. I built the Bloody Baron first, and just completed the Tiny Trainer except for the electronics which are ordered. Does anyone know how...
  16. G

    prop savers for 5mm shaft?

    My son, Nick, and I built an FT Tiny Trainer from plans and bought a power pack and accessories to go with it. The EMAX MT 1806 motor runs great, and we maiden'd it this past week. This was our first build and first time flying, and it has been a blast. At age 10, Nick is a natural pilot. Of...
  17. D

    First Fixed Wing and First Build: FT Tiny Trainer Wings

    Finally the Holidays are over. I could move the glass table top and finish my first fixed wing build the Flite Test Tiny Trainer! Thank you to everyone at Flite Test who worked on the FT Tiny Trainer. I would not have an air plane with out Flite Test! So does this look anything like the...
  18. D

    FT Tiny Trainer / power pack A question... flight time on 3S 800 mah LiPo

    I am preparing my Taranis for my first flight od my Tiny Trainer? I want to set a count down timer so I don't over discharge my 3S 800 mah LiPo? I want to get a FTVSS with my tax refund, but until then... Thanks guys
  19. D

    Reinforcing the Tiny Trainer

    I have watched the Video on the Tiny Trainer now about 20 times. No where does Josh mention taking a wooden skewer and gluing it to the tail skid of the plane. I know that the pane belly lands but my thought is that the skewer will help increase the life of the plane. I was also thinking...
  20. G

    A Tiny Trainer early morning flight

    Hurray!! I'm finally to the point where every flight session doesn't end in a major repair or rebuild. Thanks for looking https://youtu.be/_QXZr2w6Ndc