0s - no battery in Betaflight even when my battery is connected.


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I have this really weird problem where Betaflight doesn't seem to recognize that my battery is plugged in. I've tried 4 different batteries and I'm still getting the same problem. When I'm not connected via USB I can arm my motors and get them spinning with just the battery so I know I'm getting power to everything. I think this problem is also affecting me from being able to upgrade my firmware for my ESCs in BLHeliSuite.
I'm using a Matek PDB and a JHE F7 flight controller.
Any suggestions are much appreciated.


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If you have no Vbat connection from the FC to the PDB it won’t read battery voltage. Look at the wiring diagram again.
Also no need to mess with Blheli unless you want rpm filtering. I never bother, its complicated enough already getting everything working. Unless you are racing or are a godlike pilot you are unlikely to notice it not being on if you have a reasonable base tune.


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It looks like that board doesn't get it's vbat readings from the main battery input pads, it requires a separate connection to the vbat pad. Very strange that this connection wasn't made internally on the board, but a small jumper from B+ to VBAT+ should get you your readings.