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1/12 scale Airbus A320

So since i am stuck in a hotel in San Antonio as a contractor for aircraft maintenance on the A319/320's for a little while i decided to try a mega build.... I am not sure how long this will take as i know other airliners of this size take quite awhile but i feel confident that i'll finish this one after i return home (Louisiana) soon.. So far as of today June 5, 2019, i have established the scale i want (1" to the foot) which puts the fuse length at almost 124" long. My scratch built flying wing is a bit larger in wingspan than the elevator but really gave the scale of the plane on the floor of the hotel room. So far the planned medium will be almost all DTFB, some light-ply, pine strips (or basswood) for stringers and some balsa. Final finishing will either be iron on covering or light layers of fiberglass cloth and epoxy. Some issues still to plan out...
1 power edf/turbine
2 landing gear
3 Scale complexity.. eg. sport scale...
4 (insert issues here) :)