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1:20 B-52 Stratofortress


HodgeHound Mercenary
I'm just about to finish up the prototype build for this plane, and as soon as I finish flight testing it, I will start on the production model which will incorporate retractable landing gear, sequenced gear doors, horizontal stab trim, and some other scale features of the full scale BUFF. For the time being, I will post some pictures from the prototype build to give everyone a general idea of how I am building it.

Basic Specs (prototype):
Built from 1/4" Dow Protection Board
Length: approx. 8 feet
Span: approx 9 feet 6 inches
Flying weight: approx 5 pounds
Motor: E-Flite Power 10 Brushless Outrunner
ESC: Generic 40Amp
Batteries: 3s 5,000 mah lipo, 2s 1,300mah life
Servos: 2 HS-81 (elevators), 1 HS-85 (Rudder), 2 HS-56 (spoilers), 4 HS-55 (bomb bay doors)

I started by finding a decent paper model that I could enlarge to the correct scale. This involves a lot of printing, trimming, and taping to produce sheets of parts. I take the sheets and glue them to heavyweight posterboard with 3M 77 spray adhesive and then cut out the individual parts to make templates.

I trace the outline of the templates onto the foam using a fine-point sharpie marker and cut the parts out with a #11 X-Acto knife. Once the parts are cut out, they are rolled into their proper shapes.

For the larger parts, I use a 2.5" diameter wood dowel supported at both ends:

As the individual sections are completed, they are glued together with white Gorilla Glue. The nice thing about the white variety is that it dries fast, sands easily, and it doesn't expand as much as the original formula.

The wing sections, like the fuselage, are hollow, reinforced by foam spars and ribs in areas where strength is necessary. This method of construction produces a very strong part with a very low weight.



As the components are completed, they are dry-fitted together to check for fit. Where necessary, the original templates are modified or replaced to fix issues encountered during the building of the prototype



Hostage Taker of Quads
That's a nice plane KFC -- and just the prototype! The final build is gonna rock! (heck, the final build should be able to BOMB Rocks!)

Are you thinking you might show off the prototype at HHAEFI?


HodgeHound Mercenary
Actually, I was hoping to have the final version with the retracts, etc. ready in time for HHAEFI.


Hostage Taker of Quads
Wow! the protype IS going well! From the RC group thread, I wouldn't have expected to see it before SEFF.

I guess we have a treat comming next month! Looking forward to seeing it!


HodgeHound Mercenary
I've run into a couple of minor obstacles, but nothing that I haven't been able to work my way through. I'm about a week behind where I thought I was going to be, but that seems to be the norm for me when it comes to my RC projects. Everything takes a little bit longer than I thought it would. All that is left before the maiden flight is hooking up and adjusting the servos and linkages, and then gluing the fuselage sections together.


HodgeHound Mercenary
Finally got the prototype all ready to go. Maiden flight will be Saturday, and I'm sure I'll have some video to post shortly afterward.





Dedicated foam bender
The fact that that beast is FFF is really impressive. I thought I was the shiz when I did my morbach in FFF.(That plane didn't last very long though so my strutting was very short lived...)


HodgeHound Mercenary
You, sir, are a craftsman! Tell me, the motor and prop on the tail are just for the test flight, right? Then it'll have EDFs afterwards?
Ultimately, I want to scale it up to 1:11 and run it on 4 90mm EDF units, but that is still a ways off. I'm thinking about making another one at this scale and using smaller props mounted in the engine pods.


Dedicated foam bender
Has the NTSB released their findings on the loss of number 1 pylon, engine and casing?

Only kidding! Unbelievable looks on that build and she flies so scale. Even the wings have the right flex. Stunning!

I can't wait for the video of the BUFF in the air!


Senior Member
The 747 retract sequence alone is awesome, let alone the rest of the plane. I'm dumbfounded with admiration of your skills.
Just an amazing build and the retracts are magical..
Reminds me of a builder we lost a year ago..
Mr.Larry Ross was right in there with you sir..
Thanks for sharing,