100+MPH for $5 and no time.


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Well, ok, maybe more than $5 because I scrounged around in my spare parts bin, but....

1 sheet of DTFB - $1
2 36" long BBG skewers (25 pack for $3)
Some leftover 1" thick insulation foam
Packing tape
2 cheap servo's from Amazon (blue knock-off SG90's)
2835 Racerstar 2200kV motor.
6x7EP pusher prop (but trying 6x9 tonight :ROFLMAO: )
Spray paint

Super simple - I didn't really measure anything for this one. The wing is non airfoiled and 2 layers of foam thick. Folded over and packing taped.

Current setup is ~~ 600W and 550G AUW. Yes - that's over 500W per pound

Flies great - stable as a rock in the air. The trick is A LOT of expo and very small control surfaces. Will easily keep up with the E-Flite F-27 on 3 and 4S packs.


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I started another more swept back version (using the lawn dart design as the template) but have a work convention this week so nothing new for a while.