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1103 Racerstar Setup Help


Building Fool-Flying Noob
I could use your help. I have purchased two 1103 racerstar brushless motors for an indoor flyer to use at a winter scouting event building chuck gliders. I expect the gymnasium will give this plenty of room. However, I'm pretty sure I made a mistake buying these. Especially with these ESCs as I now notice they are not the same Battery cell count. :)o)

Would the ESC still work on a 1S? I also need a propeller to fit the 1.5mm shaft I don't think the 0503 prop adapters don't go that small.

Ultimately what is the Best (cost efficient) way to get a setup running?
Should I just getthis instead?

Is there a Micro ppm reciever board or FCC to allow me to run these with some 2g or 5g servos? (Please note the Transmitters I currently have as I am not interested in purchasing a new one. I also have a R6DSM micro Rx.)

Would buying the HQ777 Af579F board work? (As that transmitter is just collecting dust now.)