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1400mm j3 cub by HK

that cub is taylored for airshows and that exactly what i plan to do .... ill put some big phat tyres for the looks ....

in essence will be a "3d plane" trapped in a CUB body :D

but enough of my PLANS.... lets see the the Beautiful CUB our crustacean friend have it



Propaganda machine
Ah, yes, videos... It's very hard to get good help at this time of year (everyone in Canberra seems to go to the coast...). Also I had a slight issue with my cam when I flew last Saturday - I've soldered up the connector to go on to my V929, and didn't realise until I got to the field that I had a female plug on the battery and camera....

However very remiss of me not to take some photos! I'll do that immediately and post them. This is a seriously nice plane...