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Pumpkin drop event

15 foot DTFB glider maiden

Just maidened a 15 foot glider on Monday. Towed up using a 4 wheeler and a bunch of rope. Here's a couple of photos. She's got skateboard wheels duct-taped on for the present, but I'm doing a large overhaul in the next few days to remove a lot of weight. We initially hoped to tow it with the little plane in the second picture, but that didn't even come close to working. I have really enjoyed this plane even with very little flight time because of how the wings bend. When the plane is on the ground the wingtips are touching, and in the air they flex very gracefully. Overall just loads of fun. Movies & TV 4_15_2019 10_24_15 PM.png IMG_4208.JPG IMG_2673_Moment.jpg IMG_2673_Moment(2).jpg IMG_2673_Moment(3).jpg