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36" Fiat CR. 42 Falco


Junior Mastermind
While I've been waiting on parts for my Hot-wire cutter for my JU-52 project, I've decided to take on a home project-

The CR. 42 Falco has been a magnet to my eye for quite some time now, and ever since I built my Brewster Buffalo, I knew I'd want one as its adversary.

I followed a very similar process to the design of my Buffalo-
Begin with a design epiphany at 11 PM Friday night, and begin tracing profile images in Photoshop that evening.
CR 42 Falco.jpg

The following morning/afternoon, CAD the entire thing.
Screenshot (168).png

That evening, print out and cut out the entire plan set.
20161119_182934.jpg 20161119_183004.jpg

After much-needed rest, continue on using the entire day to construct and sand most of the airframe, to the point where the kitchen table is no longer a feasible place for further construction.
20161119_233111.jpg 20161120_200424.jpg 20161120_200432.jpg 20161120_200437.jpg 20161120_200444.jpg 20161120_200453.jpg

At this point, I'll need a powerpod test fit, a new work location (design lab at school), some more materials, and electronics. As soon as I've secured proper waterproofing materials and electronics, I'll cover it and paint it to an accurate scheme. Hopefully I'll have her flying before spring (I can't say before the first snow, as that began maybe an hour ago).

A beautiful bird, I'll be updating regularly on the progress of this project. Thanksgiving brings up about 5 days out of school, so I'll have to find some work to do on it at home.


Junior Mastermind
UPDATE 12-7-16

I have been pressed by many school-related projects lately, but it has only limited my ability to post updates on my current Aviation Project. Yes, much progress has been made.

Over the Thanksgiving Break, I was taking some time off at the beach, but I decided to take my endless money-pit with me as I wanted to finish the fuse and possibly the wings.
That I did, and I even cut out the struts for the top wing's attachment. The top wing was glued together into one piece, the joint sanded down, and the whole piece covered in minwax water-based polycrylic. I also tested out my paint on the rudder, to make sure my waterproofing had been successful.

The following week at school, I cut out and sanded some wheel pants for the landing gear, as well as attaching the steel rod that will hold the wheels, hidden inside these pants.

I also had the opportunity to paint the nose cowling, as it is the lightest color and the final step before my forward fuselage covering. I had to remove the top wing temporarily to access this area, as well as ease the covering process, but this proved to be an equal opportunity to paint it as well. The base coat of tan with the Italian roundel was added to get a good sense of what the airplane will look like completed. The finish is rather nice, I must say.

Finally, just today, I managed to complete covering the forward fuselage. The battery hatch and cockpit are going to be painted tomorrow, as well as possibly finishing the fuselage in its tan color.

I am very excited, as this is probably the best-looking airplane I've designed so far. Hopefully it will fly good as well. It doesn't seem too tail-heavy for a biplane just yet, so it may be a better turnout than my Buffalo was in weight.

Let me know your thoughts or suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated!


Junior Mastermind
UPDATE 1-16-17

Alright, so my posts are not very consistent :( but I have made terrific progress in the development of my Cr. 42 and it's almost ready to fly!

20161208_163703.jpg 20161208_164101.jpg

I've since refined the wheel pants and mounting in order to provide a strong wheel base for the airplane to rest and soon land on. The hatch has since been completed, and the forward section of the fuselage has been painted tan, and the undersides a flat grey.

20170105_080030.jpg 20170106_164859.jpg

I've also added proper electronics for Rudder, Ailerons, and the motor- I ran out of control wire for the elevator, so once that's complete I can quite literally "wrap up" the project, and add the aft fuselage covering. There is now an aesthetic motor mount in the nose, and the current C pack motor installed inside. I've tested the setup on a 2400mAh 4s battery, and it runs up like a charm. I'm so close I can feel it, but first I'll need to fetch some more paint, because I've run clean out of that!

Stay tuned for more progress! I'm hoping for a maiden before it's officially spring. :D


Junior Mastermind
That's a great looking build. We can always use more biplanes around here, and this is a great example of a seldom modeled airplane.
Thanks! I'm always focused on form and function as one, in order to accurately represent the grand stance of the real things I'm modeling. Biplanes are a key point in aviation history, and it's necessary to give them proper love too. ;) I always seem to like the strange, neglected, and rarer airplanes- often a challenge to get proper documentation to draw up plans but I love it when people ask me what one of my airplanes are, and they've never heard of it; I like bringing these airplanes to light :)


I build things that fly (sometimes)
That looks awesome! Will you be making the plans available? I can imagine a lot of folks here would love one ;-)


Junior Mastermind
That looks awesome! Will you be making the plans available? I can imagine a lot of folks here would love one ;-)
As with most of my projects, I'd love to release plans, and maybe I'll create an article on it and include the plans. ;) But, a LOT of compromising and modifications to original plans would make it very difficult to replicate. Of course, the great minds and the amazing community I'm sure can get through those snags, and I think I can draw up the extra stuff I added. :)

To sum that whole mess of words up, YES, I will release plans if you all want. I'd love to see another one of these in the hands of another builder across the country. :cool:


Junior Mastermind
UPDATE 1-27-17

She is finally finished! After a few months of planning and work, I've finally painted her up and glued in the top wing. Just a few more touches as I see fit between here and good maiden weather, but other than that this is her final configuration. I ran out the other day to grab another can of Fabric Tan spray paint for the aft section of the fuselage and it blended perfectly with what I already had. I plugged in my 2250 4s and it gives off quite some power compared to previous builds of mine. I doubt I'll get good New England flying weather soon, but you'll hear/see results soon! I'll try to post plans and perhaps an article in the future. Thanks to all who supported and encouraged this project since its inception, it makes that sense of reward that much better. :D

20170125_113728.jpg 20170125_113732.jpg 20170125_113743.jpg 20170125_113750.jpg 20170125_113757.jpg


Junior Mastermind
Great work! Looks very well finished. How does the poster board covering hold up over time?
Thanks! I've done quite a few airplanes with the posterboard covering, and they've all held up since I built them. My only complaint is that in some sections, the paper buckles and you can't get the dent to pop back out without creasing the cover. With the right amount of glue though, the covering does stand quite a while on the airframe.


Junior Mastermind
Really an awesome looking model!

But is it flying as well? Tell us something about your Maiden and how it's looking in the air!
Thanks! Maiden hasn't happened yet, here in the northern US it hasn't really hit spring weather consistently yet. Next week is looking to be hot summer weather so I'll probably put her up! She'll be a sight to behold, and I'll have pictures of it for sure!