808 Keychain Camera


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First post! Just starting the RC Plane hobby with previous quad-copter experience with the Hubsan H107L. I got a Keychain Camera from China through Amazon to test out once I can keep my plane in the air for more than 10 seconds. Its the swap-able nutball scratchbuilt.

Anyone had success with this on the nutball?


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The 808 is pretty light, but I would probably save it for a larger plane... the nutball tends to fly with a high alpha, so you really won't see much other than the sky... The Nutball is a pretty hard plane to fly for a beginner, so I think you might enjoy the FT Flyer a bit more, and you can use the existing powerpod you have for the nutball with that. If you put a camera on a plane, just make sure it's well secured or you might need to go hunting for the camera or the sdcard that might eject on a harder landing. I use velcro straps and tape over the SDCard slot.


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Even if the Nutball could handle the weight, the resulting video would likely make you sea sick!
They named it the NuBall for a reason..... (c8
I second the FT Flyer.

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OK! Since I already made it I am going to at least try to fly the nutball but I will consider the FT Flyer. Any recommendations for a trainer from the Mighty Minis series? I don't have much space for flying. Thanks for the info!