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A motor question

Hey All, i found a glow scratch build but i want to make it electric, what would be an equivalent electric motor for a .15 size glow? Also, What speed controller would i need and what kind of LiPo?


You are welcome! Esc is listed in the specs. You can just take the kv and other info for that motor and determine others that are equivalent.

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There are a few things to consider. Like mentioned before, the kv rating is huge as is the number of cells. If you are looking for a .15 equivalent, I have had fantastic luck with Turnigy EasyMatch motors.
But there are a few options for KV, 950 and 710. There's a good guide at the bottom of the page that tells you a lot about what type of plane this is for, the recommended prop sizes, the appropriate battery types, the amps, speed controller required etc.


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You really need to have a good idea of the flying weight you're targeting (incl. motor, battery and ESC). Then find a motor that will thrust around that with an appropriate sized prop (obviously you don't want it touching the ground on takeoff). HK has an enormous number of options, and can be a nightmare to navigate, but if you let us the starting point (predicted AUW/desired battery choice), chances are there are plenty of us who've found a good one for that application.
try here, they have great products, great shipping also, I buy from here all the time, Recently I went to there store and bought a bunch of props and ESC's and a battery, they forgot to give me my battery so I sent them an email, they sent the bttery out the next day for free shipping, very friendly people there

my problem is im kinda new with the whole scratch building concept, i think strongest/lightest route would be starting with the wing and using built up balsa around a foam core? i have a wing cutter i made one off plans i found online...then do fuselage and just piece it all together building it isnt a problem, i have built several glow planes but im newer with electrics and i have a feeling im going to get very frustrated with building an electric lol